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Generic Name Counts
Scientifically Valid Names Scientifically Invalid Names
Letter (click) Well established Doubtful Junior synonyms Preoccupied Rejected/ forgotten Vernacular Non-dinosaurian (valid or invalid) Totals
Letter (click) Well established Doubtful Junior synonyms Preoccupied Rejected/ forgotten Vernacular Non-dinosaurian (valid or invalid) Totals

HIS ALPHABETIZED LIST comprises all dinosaur generic names based on skeletal material known to have been published anywhere, with or without formal scientific descriptions. Names printed in bold italics are scientifically valid; other names are vernacular, preoccupied, or otherwise scientifically invalid. Occasionally it is found that two different names have been given to the same genus. Such names are known as synonyms, and instances of synonymy are annotated in the List (see Synonymies in List section below). Being a synonym by no means invalidates a generic name, since the junior synonym is usually available in case a synonymy is refuted or the senior synonym is found to be preoccupied.

The names appear in this List without regard to their validity or synonymy, but each name is associated in some way, formally or informally, with real fossil material. Names of dinosaur footprint and egg genera, however, or of fictional, fictitious, or fraudulent dinosaurs, are not included. Published Japanese common names, usually ending in “-ryu,” are not included unless they have been Latinized elsewhere in print. Also not included are names that have appeared solely on the Internet, or in e-mails, in advance of publication (there are usually four or five such floating around at any particular time). Author(s) and year of publication are provided for each name, to facilitate locating original references. For more information on any genus, simply enter its name into a Google search, or subscribe to Tracy Ford’s Paleofile website.

Different authors with the same surname are distinguished by their initials or by entire first names if initials are not sufficient. Prior to August 2007, the List did this haphazardly, particularly for Oriental authors, but thanks to bibliographic research by Rob Taylor, I was able to make the entries quite consistent throughout, with only a few remaining ambiguities (we are working on them). Also, when an author has used different surnames in different references, I provide a consistent surname throughout but indicate in parentheses the surname as it appears in the description, when it is different. Chinese and Korean authors are standardly listed surname first, regardless of how their names were cited. This should facilitate using the List in computer searches by author. Because there are many, I have not indicated these changes with green text. A few typos may persist in the additions for a while until they are caught and weeded out.

For the purposes of this List, a dinosaur is defined as any archosaur more closely related to modern birds than to modern crocodylians that is not itself a true bird. I call the stem-based clade of archosaurs more closely related to modern birds than to modern crocodylians Ornithes, the clade of modern birds Aves (by tradition, the common ancestor of all extant birds together with all its descendants), and the clade of true birds Avialae (by tradition, the common ancestor of modern birds and Archaeopteryx together with all its descendants). If dinosaurs were defined here as a clade instead of as the difference between two clades, then all birds would be dinosaurs, and the Dinosaur Genera List would be obliged to include the names of thousands of fossil and extant bird genera along with the names of the genera that most of us are accustomed to calling dinosaurs: interesting, but probably not what one might be looking for as a list of dinosaur names.

So, according to this scheme, dinosaurs become “non-avialan ornithans.” But note that this definition also includes what have been termed “pre-dinosaurs,” or “dinosaur precursors,” that is, archosaurs on the stem that joins the common ancestor of crocodylians and birds to the most basal known dinosaurs. So far, no convincing (to me) dinosaur precursors have been identified in the fossil record, although many consider the lagosuchians from South America, and some others, to be such. The successively more inclusive clades Dinosauriformes Novas, 1992 and Dinosauromorpha Benton, 1985 have been created to include these forms as outgroups to Dinosauria, so those archosaurs become “non-dinosaurian dinosauriforms” and “non-dinosauriform dinosauromorphs.” To me, this is outrageous hairsplitting, particularly since the forms in these groups are few in number and most appear to me to be basal theropods rather than basal dinosaurs. Until more convincing arguments are published on why such forms should not be called dinosaurs, I’ll retain them in the Dinosaur Genera List without further annotation. Perhaps later, when I perform a List overhaul, I may annotate them as “precursor dinosaurs.”

This is the Mother of All Internet Dinosaur Lists. It was first posted to the Dinosaur Mailing List (see archive) on October 23, 1995. Thereafter, it was gradually corrected and tuned to weed out misspellings and other inappropriate generic names, eventually evolving into its present form. Before October 1995, there was simply no complete list of dinosaur genera available on the Internet; all the other Internet dinosaur lists, some with much additional information, sprang up after this one became available. The initial Dinosaur Genera List tabulated 770 names, after a few non-dinosaurian genera that had crept in were removed. The entire List was published as part of The Dinosaur Folios #1 in May 1996, when it had grown to 787 names long. It was also published in 1997, when the name count stood at 806, at the back of Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs (P. Currie & Padian, eds.). On or about May 24, 1997, the entire List, with the name count at 805, was posted on the Dinogeorge website home page. There it remained until it became the present separate web page on December 3, 2000, with the name count at 895.

The Dinosaur Genera List is freely available to anyone who desires to publish it in book or magazine form, to link to it, or to display it at a website, provided only that George Olshevsky be informed of such publication or Internet display, and be properly credited as compiler.

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What are genera?
Genus (plural: genera) is a major category invented in the mid-1750s by the botanist Carolus Linnaeus (or Karl von Linne) for his system of classifying nature. His Systema Naturae is still, more than 250 years later, in use by naturalists and biologists worldwide. The lowest-ranking major category is the species, and the genus is the next lowest-ranking major category. Originally, Linnaeus simply grouped anatomically similar species into genera. Now, however, we understand that organisms are similar because they evolved from an earlier common ancestor most of whose features they retain. So a more modern definition of a genus would be: a group of species having a closer common ancestor than other species in the same family.

To designate each species, Linnaeus combined two names into what is known as a species binomen. The first part, or generic name, is the name of the genus to which the species belongs. The second part, known as the species epithet or trivial name, uniquely distinguishes the species within the genus. These names are Latinized, a relic of the days of Linnaeus, when Latin was the language of science. In a species binomen, the generic name is always a Latinized noun, and the species epithet acts as a Latin modifier of that noun. Some genera may include hundreds of species, others may include only one species. Most dinosaur genera, however, include just one species, because of the difficulty of distinguishing species among fossils. The generic name is the more important name, so practically all dinosaurs are popularly known by just their generic names. (The one major exception, of course, is Tyrannosaurus rex, in which Tyrannosaurus is the generic name and rex is the species epithet. Everybody knows this dinosaur by its full species binomen.) Because of their importance in dinosaur science, the Dinosaur Genera List collects in alphabetical order all the generic names ever given to non-avian dinosaurs (that is, dinosaurs that are not also birds, or “non-avialan ornithans”).

It is one of biology’s dark secrets that there is no way to decide whether two different species are related closely enough to belong to the same genus. The generic level, and all classification levels in the Linnaean system above the species, are quite arbitrary. Classification of organisms was, and still is, done according to the experience, judgment, and common sense of the classifiers, rather than according to hard and fast rules. A classification is ratified when scientists everywhere use it in their work. Some people are uncomfortable with the lack of objectivity in classification, so a movement exists to abolish Linnaean ranks above the species level. But the convenience and utility of the Linnaean system of ranks and groups, including genera and species, will likely keep it around for quite a while longer.

Type specimens and type species:
In zoological nomenclature, every named species (except for very common and familiar ones, such as Homo sapiens) has a type specimen: a physical specimen against which other specimens may be compared to determine whether or not they belong to that species. Type specimens are usually kept in museums or similar institutions where scientists can readily access them. Likewise, every genus has a type species, the species against which other species may be compared to determine whether or not they belong to that genus. (In dinosaurs, for example, the type species of the genus Tyrannosaurus is Tyrannosaurus rex, and the type specimen of Tyrannosaurus rex is the mounted skeleton on display at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh. If you want to know whether your dinosaur fossil is a Tyrannosaurus rex, you go to the Carnegie Museum and compare it with that skeleton, or you compare it against the original published description of the Carnegie skeleton.)

If, and only if, the type species of a genus is ever placed in another genus, then it carries the name of its genus into synonymy with the other genus, and the older generic name (senior synonym: see Synonymies in List below) becomes the new generic name of the species. In dinosaurs, for example, the type species, Brontosaurus excelsus, of the sauropod genus Brontosaurus Marsh, 1879 was referred to the earlier sauropod genus Apatosaurus Marsh, 1877 by Elmer S. Riggs in 1903. It was then renamed Apatosaurus excelsus, and Brontosaurus was “sunk” as a junior synonym of Apatosaurus. (The type species of Apatosaurus is Apatosaurus ajax, which remains distinct from Apatosaurus excelsus.) Some dinosaur species have been renamed this way several times during the course of dinosaur paleontology. The names of the type species of all the dinosaur genera, as well as of all other dinosaur species and all their renamings, are tabulated by continent in my publication Mesozoic Meanderings #3, which can be ordered by following the instructions at Dinogeorge’s Home page. There are lots of species, renamings, and emendations, too many to be tabulated conveniently at this website; but all of my most up-to-date files of dinosaur species names may be downloaded for free from T. Mike Keesey’s Dinosauricon website.

The type specimen is usually designated when a species is initially described (in which case it is called a holotype specimen); if not, then it may be designated subsequently, in further work on the species (in which case it is called a lectotype specimen). Once designated, the type specimen may be changed only by a formal petition to and subsequent ruling by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature (which doesn’t happen very often!). A species without a type specimen is called a nomen nudum and has no formal standing in zoology. Likewise, the type species of a genus is usually designated when the genus is formally described, but it may be designated subsequently if none was designated in the original description. (This occurred sometimes in the old days; nowadays, no genus can be formally created without a named type species.) A generic name informally published without a type species (this occasionally happens in news stories about forthcoming descriptions, for example), or with a type species that is a nomen nudum, remains a nomen nudum without scientific standing until it is formally described in a scientific paper and acquires a valid type species.

For more on naming dinosaurs, see my article “Naming the Dinosaurs,” pp. 128–139 of The Scientific American Book of Dinosaurs, edited by Gregory S. Paul (St. Martin’s Press, November 2000).

Notes for List:
[nomen dubium] = “doubtful name”: generic name the type specimen of whose type species is too incomplete to be distinguished from like material belonging to at least two otherwise distinct species; a nomen dubium genus may be a synonym of another genus, but its known material is not considered complete enough to formalize such synonymy; being a nomen dubium does not invalidate a name but does render equally doubtful any other taxonomic names based on that genus

[nomen ex dissertatione –>] = “name from dissertation”: generic name created in a dissertation; a particular kind of nomen nudum (see below) excluded from availability because dissertations are not considered publications by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature; because copies of many dissertations are available by purchase to anyone from University Microfilms International, however, generic names created in them are in fact published in accordance with the criteria of the Dinosaur Genera List, so they are listed here when known, and the publication year is the year the document became available from UMI; a nomen ex dissertatione may change when the author formally describes the genus, in which case the replacement name is indicated

[nomen manuscriptum] = “manuscript name”: formally unpublished name that appears in a manuscript in preparation for publication that has been made publicly available, for example via the Internet; such a name is here counted as a vernacular name, dated the year the manuscript was first made available; if the name is later formally described, its nomen manuscriptum listing is converted into a valid-name listing, with new author(s) and/or date if necessary; if the name is changed upon formal publication, the old vernacular name is retained in the list, along with a pointer to its new valid name

[nomen nudum –>] = “naked name”: generic name lacking a description and/or a type specimen for its type species; indicated name, when given, is the scientific name subsequently applied to the material; a nomen nudum is treated as a vernacular name and is not valid in scientific nomenclature

[nomen oblitum] = “forgotten name”: generic name unused in the scientific literature for at least 50 years after publication and hence at least potentially invalid

[nomen rejectum –>] = “rejected name”: generic name rejected by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature in favor of the indicated name; depending on the terms of rejection, a nomen rejectum may or may not be a scientifically valid name

vide = “see”: name attributed to the first indicated author(s) in the paper of the second; the author(s) of the genus is(are) taken as the first author(s), while the date of publication of the name is taken as the date associated with the second author(s)

/ = name preoccupied by the second indicated author(s); indicated name, if given, is replacement name or senior synonym; a preoccupied name is not scientifically valid and must be replaced by a new name when discovered

* = genus not presently considered to be dinosaurian [followed in brackets by its current identification]

Synonymies in List:
[JOS –>] = junior objective synonym of the indicated genus, whose name is to be used in preference; genera are objective synonyms if their type species are based on the same type specimen (this often happens when a replacement name is proposed for a preoccupied name that turns out not to need one); the genus whose name was published first is the senior synonym, the other genus is the junior synonym; the senior synonym becomes the scientific name of the genus unless it has been formally rejected or is otherwise unavailable
[JSS –>] = junior subjective synonym of the indicated genus; genera are subjective synonyms if the type species of one genus has been referred to the other genus or synonymized with a species in the other genus
[PSS –>] = possible subjective synonym of the indicated genus, either junior or senior; usually used here with nomen dubium designation to indicate a better-established genus to which the doubtful genus might be referred
[SSS –>] = suppressed senior synonym: a subjective senior synonym that has been rejected by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature in favor of the indicated junior synonym

Note: Different workers have different judgments concerning subjective synonymies and nomina dubia. This List provides the compiler’s present judgment, based on the current literature. Subjective synonymies and nomina dubia designations in this List can and will change from time to time as information from new studies is incorporated. This List is sparing in declaring a name a nomen dubium; others may consider more names to be nomina dubia than this List does.

Generic names appearing in bold italics in this List that remain with no annotations (except perhaps a vide or a PSS) are to be considered unequivocally valid dinosaur names. The synonymies were added as of June 9, 2001, and they have been tuned until they are fully consistent with the compiler’s current publications. On October 14, 2003, when the genera total was 1012 and the visitor count stood at 16,944, the Generic Name Counts table was added to the front end of this document. The generic names are sorted into seven different categories of validity and counted, and the counts are totaled by initial letter and by category. Each name is placed into exactly one category. Vernacular names are either nomina nuda or dissertation names. Genera not presently considered to be dinosaurs (that is, those flagged with asterisks in their listings), are sorted into their own category and are not further subdivided. The genera total for the entire Dinosaur Genera List appears in the bottom right cell of the table.

Aachenosaurus Smets, 1888* [nomen dubium; petrified wood]
Aardonyx Yates, Bonnan, Neveling, Chinsamy & Blackbeard, 2009
“Abdallahsaurus” Maier, 2003 [nomen nudum –> Giraffatitan]
Abelisaurus Bonaparte & Novas, 1985
Abrictosaurus Hopson, 1975
Abrosaurus Ouyang, 1989
Abydosaurus Chure, Britt, Whitlock & J. A. Wilson, 2010
Acantholipan Rivera-Sylva, Frey, Stinnesbeck, Carbot-Chanona, Sanchez-Uribe & Guzmán-Gutiérrez, 2018
Acanthopholis Huxley, 1867 [nomen dubium]
Achelousaurus Sampson, 1995
Acheroraptor Evans, D. Larson & P. Currie, 2013
Achillesaurus Martinelli & Vera, 2007
Achillobator Perle, Norell & J. Clark, 1999
Acracanthus Langston, 1947 vide Czaplewski, Cifelli & Langston, 1994 [nomen ex dissertatione –> Acrocanthosaurus]
Acristavus Gates, Horner, Hanna & Nelson, 2011
Acrocanthosaurus Stovall & Langston, 1950
Acrotholus Evans, Schott, D. Larson, C. Brown & Ryan, 2013
Actiosaurus Sauvage, 1882* [nomen dubium; probable ichthyosaur]
Adamantisaurus Santucci & Bertini, 2006
Adasaurus Barsbold, 1983
Adelolophus Gates, Jinnah, Levitt & Getty, 2014
Adeopapposaurus R. N. Martínez, 2009
Adynomosaurus Prieto-Márquez, Fondevilla, Sellés, J. Wagner & Galobart, 2018
Aegyptosaurus Stromer, 1932
Aeolosaurus J. E. Powell, 1987
Aepisaurus Gervais, 1852 [nomen dubium]
Aepyornithomimus Tsogtbaatar C., Kobayashi, Tsogtbaatar K., P. Currie, Watabe & Barsbold, 2017
Aerosteon Sereno, R. N. Martínez, J. A. Wilson, Varricchio, Alcober & Larsson, 2008 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Aetonyx Broom, 1911 [JSS –> Massospondylus]
Afromimus Sereno, 2017
Afrovenator Sereno, J. A. Wilson, Larsson, Dutheil & Sues, 1994
Agathaumas Cope, 1872 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Nedoceratops, Torosaurus, or Triceratops]
Aggiosaurus Ambayrac, 1913* [metriorhynchid crocodilian]
Agilisaurus Peng G., 1990
Agnosphitys Fraser, Padian, Walkden & Davis, 2002
Agrosaurus Seeley, 1891 [JSS –> Thecodontosaurus]
Agujaceratops S. Lucas, R. Sullivan & Hunt, 2006
Agustinia Bonaparte, 1999
Ahshislepelta Burns & R. Sullivan, 2011
Airakoraptor Perle, Norell & J. Clark, 1999 [nomen nudum]
Ajancingenia Easter, 2013
Ajkaceratops Ösi, R. J. Butler & Weishampel, 2010
Akainacephalus Wiersma & Irmis, 2018
Alamosaurus Gilmore, 1922
Alamotyrannus Dalman & S. Lucas vide Dalman, 2013 [nomen nudum; PSS –> Tyrannosaurus]
Alashansaurus Chure, 2001 [nomen ex dissertatione –> Shaochilong]
Alaskacephale R. Sullivan, 2006
Albalophosaurus Ohashi & Barrett, 2009
Albertaceratops Ryan, 2007
Albertadromeus C. Brown, Evans, Ryan & A. P. Russell, 2013
Albertavenator Evans, Cullen, D. Larson & Rego, 2017
Albertonykus Longrich & P. Currie, 2008 (not 2009)
Albertosaurus Osborn, 1905
Albinykus Nesbitt, J. A. Clarke, Turner & Norell, 2011
Albisaurus Fritsch, 1905* [nomen dubium; possible marine reptile]
Alcmonavis Rauhut, Tischlinger & Foth, 2019 [possible bird]

Alcovasaurus Galton & Carpenter, 2016
Alectrosaurus Gilmore, 1933
Aletopelta Ford & Kirkland, 2001
Algoasaurus Broom, 1904 [nomen dubium]
Alioramus Kurzanov, 1976
Aliwalia Galton, 1985 [JSS –> Eucnemesaurus]
Allosaurus Marsh, 1877
Almas Pei, Norell, Barta, Bever, Pittman & Xu X., 2017
Alnashetri Makovicky, Apesteguía & Gianechini, 2012
Alocodon Thulborn, 1973
Altirhinus Norman, 1998
Altispinax von Huene, 1923 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Becklespinax]
Alvarezsaurus Bonaparte, 1991
Alwalkeria Chatterjee & Creisler, 1994
Alxasaurus D. A. Russell & Dong, 1994 (not 1993)
Amargasaurus Salgado & Bonaparte, 1991
Amargastegos Ulansky, 2014
Amargatitanis Apesteguía, 2007
Amazonsaurus de Souza Carvalho (as I. S. Carvalho), Avilla & Salgado, 2003
Ambopteryx Wang M., J. K. O’Connor, Xu X. & Zhou Z., 2019

Ammosaurus Marsh, 1891
Ampelosaurus Le Loeuff, 1995
Amphicoelias Cope, 1877 [nomen dubium]
Amphicoelicaudia Cheng Z., et al., 1994 vide Li K., 1998 [nomen nudum –> Huabeisaurus]
Amphisaurus Marsh, 1877/Barkas, 1870 –> Anchisaurus
Amtocephale Watabe, Tsogtbaatar K. & R. Sullivan, 2011
Amtosaurus Kurzanov & Tumanova, 1978 [nomen dubium]
Amurosaurus Bolotsky & Kurzanov, 1991
Amygdalodon Cabrera, 1947 [nomen dubium]
Anabisetia Coria & J. Calvo, 2002
Anasazisaurus Hunt & S. Lucas, 1993 [PSS –> Gryposaurus or Kritosaurus]
Anatosaurus Lull & Wright, 1942 [JSS –> Edmontosaurus]
Anatotitan Brett-Surman vide R. E. Chapman & Brett-Surman, 1990 [PSS –> Edmontosaurus]

Anchiceratops B. Brown, 1914
Anchiornis Xu X., Zhao Q., Norell, C. Sullivan, Hone, Erickson, Wang X. L., Han F. & Guo, 2009 (not 2008) [possible bird]
Anchisaurus Marsh, 1885
Andesaurus J. Calvo & Bonaparte, 1991
Andhrasaurus Ulansky, 2014
Angaturama Kellner & Campos, 1996 [JSS –> Irritator]
Angolatitan Mateus, Jacobs, Schulp, Polcyn, Taveres, Neto, Morais & Telles Antunes, 2011
Angulomastacator J. R. Wagner & Lehman, 2009
Anhuilong Ren, Huang J. D. & You, 2018
Aniksosaurus R. D. Martínez & Novas, 2006
Animantarx Carpenter, Kirkland, Burge & Bird, 1999
Ankistrodon Huxley, 1865* [proterosuchian archosaur]
Ankylosaurus B. Brown, 1908
Anodontosaurus C. M. Sternberg, 1929
Anomalipes Yu Y., Wang K., Chen S., C. Sullivan, Wang S., Wang P. & Xu X., 2018
Anoplosaurus Seeley, 1879 [nomen dubium]
Anserimimus Barsbold, 1988
Antarctopelta Salgado & Gasparini, 2006 [nomen dubium]
Antarctosaurus von Huene, 1929
Antetonitrus Yates & Kitching, 2003
Anthodon Owen, 1876* [pareiasaur]
Antrodemus Leidy, 1870 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Allosaurus]
Anzu Lamanna, Sues, Schachner & Lyson, 2014
Aoniraptor Motta, Aranciaga Rolando, Rozadilla, Agnolín, Chimento, Brissón Egli & Novas, 2016
Aorun Choiniere, J. Clark, Forster, Norell, Eberth, Erickson, Chu H. & Xu X., 2013
Apatodon Marsh, 1877 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Allosaurus]
Apatoraptor Funston & P. Currie, 2016
Apatosaurus Marsh, 1877
Appalachiosaurus Carr, Williamson & Schwimmer, 2005
Aquilops Farke, Maxwell, Cifelli & Wedel, 2014 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Aragosaurus Sanz, Buscalioni, Casanovas-Cladellas (as Casanovas) & Santafe, 1987
Aralosaurus Rozhdestvensky, 1968
Araucanoraptor Novas, 1997 [nomen nudum –> Neuquenraptor]
Archaeoceratops Dong & Azuma, 1997
Archaeodontosaurus Buffetaut, 2005
Archaeopteryx von Meyer, 1861* [bird]
Archaeoraptor Czerkas vide C. P. Sloan, 1999 vide Olson, 2000 [nomen nudum; JOS –> Microraptor]

Archaeornis Petronievics vide Petronievics & Woodward, 1917* [bird; PSS –> Archaeopteryx]

Archaeornithoides Elzanowski & Wellnhofer, 1992
Archaeornithomimus D. A. Russell, 1972
Archaeovolans Czerkas & Xu X., 2002* [bird, previously included in Archaeoraptor; PSS –> Yanornis]
Arcovenator Tortosa, Buffetaut, Vialle, Dutour, Turini & Cheylan, 2013
Arctosaurus Adams, 1875* [nomen dubium; non-dinosaurian reptile]
Arcusaurus Yates, Bonnan & Neveling, 2011
Arenysaurus Pereda-Suberbiola, Canudo, Cruzado-Caballero, Barco, López-Martínez, Oms & Ruíz-Omeñaca, 2009
Argentinosaurus Bonaparte & Coria, 1993
Argyrosaurus Lydekker, 1893
Aristosaurus van Hoepen, 1920 [JSS –> Massospondylus]
Aristosuchus Seeley, 1887 [nomen dubium]
Arizonasaurus Welles, 1947* [ctenosauriscid rauisuchian]
Arkansaurus R. Hunt & Quinn, 2018 [previously nomen nudum as “Arkanosaurus” Sattler, 1983]
Arkharavia Alifanov & Bolotsky, 2010
Arrhinoceratops Parks, 1925
Arstanosaurus Suslov vide Suslov & Shilin, 1982 [nomen dubium]
Asiaceratops Nessov & Kaznyshkina vide Nessov, Kaznyshkina & Cherepanov, 1989
Asiamericana Nessov, 1995 [nomen dubium]
Asiatosaurus Osborn, 1924 [nomen dubium]
Asilisaurus Nesbitt, Sidor, Irmis, Angielczyk, R. M. H. Smith & Tsuji, 2010
Astrodon Johnston, 1859 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Pleurocoelus]
Astrodonius Kuhn, 1961 [JOS –> Astrodon]
Astrodontaurus Johnston, 1858 vide Kranz, 2004 [JOS –> Astrodon]
Astrophocaudia D’Emic, 2012
Asylosaurus Galton, 2008 (not 2007)
Atacamatitan Kellner, Rubilar-Rogers, Vargas & Suárez, 2011
Atlantosaurus Marsh, 1877 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Apatosaurus or Camarasaurus]
Atlasaurus Monbaron, D. A. Russell & Taquet, 1999
Atlascopcosaurus T. Rich & Vickers-Rich (as P. Rich), 1989
Atrociraptor P. Currie & Varricchio, 2004
Atsinganosaurus G. Garcia, Amico, Fournier, Thouand & Valentin, 2010
Aublysodon Leidy, 1868 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Albertosaurus or Deinodon]
Aucasaurus Coria, Chiappe & Dingus, 2002
Augustia Bonaparte, 1998/Zariquiey, 1927 –> Agustinia
Augustynolophus Prieto-Márquez, J. R. Wagner, Bell & Chiappe, 2014 [pre-published and freely available online in 2014, formally published in 2015]
Auroraceratops You, Li D. Q., Ji Q., Lamanna & Dodson, 2005
Aurornis Godefroit, Cau, Hu D., Escuillié, Wu W. H. & Dyke, 2013 [possible bird; PSS –> Anchiornis]
Australodocus Remes, 2007
Australovenator Hocknull, White, Tischler, Cook, Calleja, T. Sloan & D. Elliott, 2009 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Austrocheirus Ezcurra, Agnolín & Novas, 2010
Austroposeidon Bandeira, Medeiros Simbras, Batista Machado, Campos, Oliveira & Kellner, 2016
Austroraptor Novas, Pol, Canale, Porfiri & J. Calvo, 2008
Austrosaurus Longman, 1933
Avaceratops Dodson, 1986
Avalonia Seeley, 1898/Walcott, 1889* –> Avalonianus [non-dinosaurian archosaur]
Avalonianus Kuhn, 1961* [nomen dubium; non-dinosaurian archosaur]
Aviatyrannis Rauhut, 2003
Avimimus Kurzanov, 1981
Avipes von Huene, 1932 [nomen dubium]
Avisaurus Brett-Surman & Paul, 1985* [enantiornithan bird]
Azendohsaurus Dutuit, 1972* [non-dinosaurian archosaur]
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Baalsaurus Calvo & Gonzalez Riga, 2018
Bactrosaurus Gilmore, 1933
Bagaceratops Maryanska & Osmólska, 1975
Bagaraatan Osmólska, 1996
Bagualosaurus Pretto, Langer & Schultz, 2018
Bahariasaurus Stromer, 1934
Bainoceratops Tereschenko & Alifanov, 2003
Bajadasaurus Gallina, Apesteguia, Canale & Haluza, 2019

Bakesaurus Zhou S., 2005 [nomen nudum]
Balaur Csiki, Vremir, Brusatte & Norell, 2010
Balochisaurus Malkani, 2006
Bambiraptor Burnham, Derstler, P. Currie, Bakker, Zhou Z. & Ostrom, 2000
Banji Xu X. & Han F., 2010
Bannykus Xu X., Choiniere, Tan Q., Benson, J. Clark, C. Sullivan, Zhao Q., Han F., Ma Q., He Y., Wang S., Xing H. & Tan L., 2018
Baotianmansaurus Zhang X. L., Lü, Xu L., Li J. H., Hu W., Jia S., Ji Q. & Zhang C., 2009 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
“Barackosaurus” [Anonymous] 2010 [nomen nudum; in The Dana Quarry Dinosaurs]
Barapasaurus Jain, Kutty, Roy-Chowdhury & Chatterjee, 1975
Barilium Norman, 2010
Barosaurus Marsh, 1890
Barrosasaurus Salgado & Coria, 2009
Barsboldia Maryanska & Osmólska, 1981
Baryonyx Charig & A. C. Milner, 1986
Bashunosaurus Li K., 1998 [nomen nudum possibly –> Datousaurus]
Basutodon von Huene, 1932* [nomen dubium; non-dinosaurian archosaur]
Bathygnathus Leidy, 1854* [nomen dubium; pelycosaur]
Batyrosaurus Godefroit, Escuillié, Bolotsky & Lauters, 2012
Baurutitan Kellner, Campos & Trotta, 2005
Bayannurosaurus Xu X., Tan Q., Gao Y., Bao Z., Yin Z., Guo B., Wang J., Tan L., Zhang Y. & Xing H., 2018
Bayosaurus Coria, P. Currie & Carabajal, 2006 [nomen nudum]
Becklespinax Olshevsky, 1991 [PSS –> Altispinax]
“Beelemodon” Bakker, 1997 [nomen nudum]
Beibeilong Pu, Zelenitsky, Lü, P. Currie, Carpenter, Xu L., Koppelhus, Jia S., Xiao, Chuang, Li T. R., Kundrat & Shen, 2017
Beipiaognathus Hu Y., Wang X. R. & Huang J., 2016
Beipiaosaurus Xu X., Tang Z. & Wang X. L., 1999
Beishanlong Makovicky, Li D. Q., Gao K., Lewin, Erickson & Norell, 2009
Bellusaurus Dong, 1990
Belodon von Meyer, 1842* [phytosaur]
Berberosaurus Allain, Tykoski, Aquesbi, Jalil, Monbaron, D. A. Russell & Taquet, 2007
Betasuchus von Huene, 1932 [nomen dubium]
Bicentenaria Novas, Ezcurra, Agnolín, Pol & Ortíz, 2012
“Biconcavoposeidon” Taylor & Wedel, 2017 [nomen manuscriptum; published in symposium poster]
Bienosaurus Dong, 2001 [nomen dubium]
Bihariosaurus Marinescu, 1989
Bilbeyhallorum Burge, Bird, McClelland & Cicconetti, 1999 [nomen nudum –> Cedarpelta]
Bissektipelta Parish & Barrett, 2004
Bistahieversor Carr & Williamson, 2010
“Blancocerosaurus” Maier, 2003 [nomen nudum –> Giraffatitan]
Blasisaurus Cruzado-Caballero, Pereda-Suberbiola & Ruíz-Omeñaca, 2010
Blikanasaurus Galton & van Heerden, 1985
Bolong Wu W. H., Godefroit & Hu D., 2010
Bonapartenykus Agnolín, J. E. Powell, Novas & Kundrát, 2011 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Bonapartesaurus Cruzado-Caballero & J. E. Powell, 2017
Bonatitan Martinelli & Forasiepi, 2004
Bonitasaura Apesteguía, 2004
Borealopelta C. Brown, Henderson, Vinther, Fletcher, Sistiaga, Herrera & Summons, 2017
Borealosaurus You, Ji Q., Lamanna, Li J. L. & Li Y. X., 2004
Boreonykus Bell & P. Currie, 2015
Borogovia Osmólska, 1987
Bothriospondylus Owen, 1875
Brachiosaurus Riggs, 1903
Brachyceratops Gilmore, 1914
Brachylophosaurus C. M. Sternberg, 1953
Brachypodosaurus Chakravarti, 1934 [nomen dubium]
Brachyrophus Cope, 1878 [JSS –> Camptosaurus]
Brachytaenius von Meyer, 1842* [nomen dubium; non-dinosaurian reptile]
Brachytrachelopan Rauhut, Remes, Fechner, Cladera & Puerta, 2005
Bradycneme Harrison & C. A. Walker, 1975 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Elopteryx]
Brasileosaurus von Huene, 1931* [non-dinosaurian archosaur]
Brasilotitan Machado, Avilla, Nava, Campos & Kellner, 2013
Bravoceratops Wick & Lehman, 2013
Breviceratops Kurzanov, 1990
Brohisaurus Malkani, 2003
“Brontodiplodocus” [Anonymous] 2010 [nomen nudum; in Dana Quarry Report 2010]
Brontomerus Taylor, Wedel & Cifelli, 2011
Brontoraptor Redman, 1995 [nomen nudum]
Brontosaurus Marsh, 1879 [PSS –> Apatosaurus]
Bruhathkayosaurus Yadagiri & Ayyasami, 1987 [nomen dubium]
Bugenasaura Galton, 1995 [PSS –> Thescelosaurus]
Buitreraptor Makovicky, Apesteguía & Agnolín, 2005
Burianosaurus Madzia, Boyd & Mazuch, 2017
Buriolestes Furtado Cabreira, Kellner, Dias-da-Silva, L. R. da Silva, Bronzati, de Almeida Marsola, Temp Müller, de Souza Bittencourt, Batista, Raugust, Carrilho, Brodt & Cardoso Langer, 2016
Byranjaffia Novacek, 2002 [nomen nudum –> Byronosaurus]
Byronosaurus Norell, Makovicky & J. Clark, 2000
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Caenagnathasia P. Currie, Godfrey & Nessov, 1994 (not 1993)
Caenagnathus R. M. Sternberg, 1940
Caihong Hu D., Clarke, Eliason, Qiu, Li Q. G., Shawkey, Zhao C. L., D’Alba, Jiang J. K. & Xu X., 2018 [possible bird]
Calamosaurus Lydekker, 1891 [nomen dubium]
Calamospondylus Fox vide [Anonymous] 1866 [nomen dubium]
Calamospondylus Lydekker, 1889/Fox vide [Anonymous] 1866 –> Calamosaurus
Callovosaurus Galton, 1980
Camarasaurus Cope, 1877
Camarillasaurus Sánchez-Hernández & Benton, 2012 [in manuscript accepted for print publication and freely available online; published in 2014]
Camelotia Galton, 1985
Camposaurus Hunt, S. Lucas, Heckert, R. Sullivan, & Lockley, 1998
Camptonotus Marsh, 1879/Uhler, 1864 –> Camptosaurus
Camptosaurus Marsh, 1885
Campylodon von Huene, 1929/Cuvier & Valenciennes, 1832 –> Campylodoniscus
Campylodoniscus Kuhn, 1961 [nomen dubium]
Canardia Prieto-Márquez, Dalla Vecchia, Gaete & Galobart, 2013 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
“Capitalsaurus” Kranz, 1998 [nomen nudum]
Carcharodontosaurus Stromer, 1931
Cardiodon Owen, 1841 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Cetiosaurus]
Carnosaurus von Huene, 1929 [nomen nudum]
Carnotaurus Bonaparte, 1985
Caseosaurus Hunt, S. Lucas, Heckert, R. Sullivan & Lockley, 1998
Cathartesaura Gallina & Apesteguía, 2005
Cathetosaurus Jensen, 1988 [PSS –> Camarasaurus]
Caudipteryx Ji Q., P. Currie, Norell & Ji S., 1998
Caudocoelus von Huene, 1932 [JOS –> Teinurosaurus]
Caulodon Cope, 1877 [JSS –> Camarasaurus]
Cedarosaurus Tidwell, Carpenter & Brooks, 1999
Cedarpelta Carpenter, Kirkland, Burge & Bird, 2001
Cedrorestes Gilpin, DiCroce & Carpenter, 2006
Centemodon Lea, 1856* [nomen dubium; phytosaur]
Centrosaurus Lambe, 1904/Fitzinger, 1843 –> Eucentrosaurus (unnecessary)
Cerasinops Chinnery & Horner, 2007
Ceratonykus Alifanov & Barsbold, 2009
Ceratops Marsh, 1888/Rafinesque, 1815 –> Proceratops (unnecessary) [nomen dubium]
Ceratosaurus Marsh, 1884
Cetiosauriscus von Huene, 1927
Cetiosaurus Owen, 1841
Changchunsaurus Zan, Chen J., Jin L. & Li T., 2005
Changtusaurus Zhao X., 1983 [nomen nudum]
Changyuraptor Han G., Chiappe, Ji S., Habib, Turner, Chinsamy, Liu X. & Han L., 2014
Chaoyangsaurus Zhao X., Cheng Z. & Xu X., 1999
Charonosaurus Godefroit, Zan & Jin L., 2000
Chasmosaurus Lambe, 1914
Chassternbergia Bakker, 1988
Chebsaurus Mahammed, Läng, Mami, Mekahli, Benhamou, Bouterfa, Kacemi, Chérief, Chaouati & Taquet, 2005
Chenanisaurus Longrich, Pereda-Suberbiola, Jalil, Khaldoune & Jourani, 2017
Cheneosaurus Lambe, 1917 [JSS –> Hypacrosaurus]
Chialingosaurus Yang Z. J. (as Young C. C.), 1959
Chiayusaurus Bohlin, 1953 [nomen dubium]
Chienkosaurus Yang Z. J. (as Young C. C.), 1942* [nomen dubium; crocodilian]
Chihuahuasaurus Ratkevich vide [Anonymous] 1997 [nomen nudum –> Sonorasaurus]
Chilantaisaurus Hu S., 1964
Chilesaurus Novas, Salgado, Suárez, Agnolín, Ezcurra, Chimento, de la Cruz, Isasi, Vargas & Rubilar-Rogers, 2015
Chindesaurus R. A. Long & Murry, 1995
Chingkankousaurus Yang Z. J. (as Young C. C.), 1958 [JSS –> Tarbosaurus]
Chinshakiangosaurus Yeh, 1975 vide Dong, 1992 vide Upchurch, Barrett, Zhao X. & Xu X., 2007
Chirostenotes Gilmore, 1924
Choconsaurus Simón, Salgado & Calvo, 2017
Chondrosteosaurus Owen, 1876 [nomen dubium]
Choyrodon Gates, Tsogtbaatar K., Zanno, Tsogtbaatar C. & Watabe, 2018
Chromogisaurus Ezcurra, 2010
Chuandongocoelurus He X., 1984
Chuanjiesaurus Fang, Pang, Lü, Zhang Z., Pan S., Wang Y., Li X. K. & Cheng Z., 2000
Chuanqilong Han F., Zheng W., Hu D., Xu X. & Barrett, 2014
Chubutisaurus del Corro, 1974
Chungkingosaurus Dong, Zhou S. & Zhang Y. H., 1983
Chuxiongosaurus Lü, Kobayashi, Li T. G. & Zhong, 2010 [PSS –> Jingshanosaurus]

Cinizasaurus Heckert, 1997 vide Nesbitt, Irmis & Parker, 2007 [nomen ex dissertatione]
Cionodon Cope, 1874 [nomen dubium]
Citipati J. Clark, Norell & Barsbold, 2001
Cladeiodon Owen, 1841* [nomen dubium; non-dinosaurian archosaur]
Claorhynchus Cope, 1892 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Triceratops]
Claosaurus Marsh, 1890
Clarencea A. S. Brink, 1959* [sphenosuchian archosaur]
Clasmodosaurus Ameghino, 1898 [nomen dubium]
Clepsysaurus Lea, 1851* [phytosaur]
Clevelanotyrannus Bakker, Williams & P. Currie vide P. Currie, 1987 [nomen nudum –> Nanotyrannus]
Coahuilaceratops Loewen, Sampson, E. K. Lund, Farke, Aguillón Martínez, de Leon, Rodríguez de la Rosa, Getty & Eberth, 2010
Coelophysis Cope, 1889
Coelosaurus Leidy, 1865/[Anonymous, but known to be Owen] 1854 –> Ornithomimus
Coeluroides von Huene & Matley, 1933 [nomen dubium]
Coelurosauravus Piveteau, 1926* [gliding prolacertiform reptile]
Coelurosaurus von Huene, 1929 [nomen nudum]
Coelurus Marsh, 1879
Colepiocephale R. Sullivan, 2003
Colonosaurus Marsh, 1872* [ichthyornithid bird, probably Ichthyornis]
Coloradia Bonaparte, 1978/Blake, 1863 –> Coloradisaurus
Coloradisaurus Lambert, 1983
Colossosaurus Mantell, 1849 vide Torrens, 1997 [nomen nudum –> Pelorosaurus]
Comahuesaurus Carballido, Salgado, Pol, Canudo & Garrido, 2012
Comanchesaurus Hunt, 1994 vide Nesbitt, Irmis & Parker, 2007 [nomen ex dissertatione]
Compsognathus J. A. Wagner, 1859
Compsosuchus von Huene & Matley, 1933
Concavenator F. Ortega, Escaso & Sanz, 2010
Conchoraptor Barsbold, 1986
Condorraptor Rauhut, 2005
Convolosaurus Andrzejewski, Winkler & Jacobs, 2019

Coronosaurus Ryan, Evans & Shepherd, 2012
Corythoraptor Lü, Li G. Q., Kundrát, Lee Y. N., Sun Z., Kobayashi, Shen, Teng & Liu H., 2017
Corythosaurus B. Brown, 1914
Craspedodon Dollo, 1883
Crataeomus Seeley, 1881 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Struthiosaurus]
Craterosaurus Seeley, 1874 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Regnosaurus]
Creosaurus Marsh, 1878 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Allosaurus]
Crichtonpelta Arbour & P. Currie, 2015 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Crichtonsaurus Dong, 2002 [nomen dubium]
Cristatusaurus Taquet & D. A. Russell, 1998
Crittendenceratops Dalman, Hodnett, Lichtig & S. Lucas, 2018
Crosbysaurus Heckert, 2004* [non-dinosaurian archosaur]
Cruxicheiros Benson & Radley, 2010
Cryolophosaurus Hammer & Hickerson, 1994
Cryptodraco Lydekker, 1889 [JOS –> Cryptosaurus]
Cryptoraptor Hunt, 1994 vide Nesbitt, Irmis & Parker, 2007 [nomen ex dissertatione]
Cryptosaurus Seeley, 1869
Cryptovolans Czerkas, Zhang D., Li J. L. & Li Y. X., 2002 [PSS –> Microraptor]
Cumnoria Seeley, 1888 [PSS –> Camptosaurus]
Cylindricodon Owen vide Ingles & Sawyer, 1979/Jaeger, 1828 –> Hylaeosaurus
Cystosaurus Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1833* [nomen oblitum; probable teleosaurid crocodyliform]
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Daanosaurus Ye, Gao Y. & Jiang S., 2005
Dacentrurus F. Lucas, 1902
Dachungosaurus Zhao X. (as Chao S.), 1985 [nomen nudum]
Daemonosaurus Sues, Nesbitt, Berman & Henrici, 2011
Dahalokely Farke & Sertich, 2013 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Dakosaurus Quenstedt, 1856* [crocodilian]
Dakotadon Paul, 2008
Dakotaraptor DePalma, Burnham, L. Martin, P. Larson & Bakker, 2015
Dalianraptor Gao C. & Liu J. Y., 2005 [possible bird]
Daliansaurus Shen, Lü, Liu S. Z., Kundrát, Brusatte & Gao H., 2017
Damalasaurus Zhao X., 1983 [nomen nudum]
Dandakosaurus Yadagiri, 1982 [nomen dubium]
Danubiosaurus Bunzel, 1871 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Struthiosaurus]
Daptosaurus B. Brown vide Chure & McIntosh, 1989 [nomen nudum –> Deinonychus]
Darwinsaurus Paul, 2012
Dashanpusaurus Peng G., Ye, Gao Y., Shu & Jiang S., 2005
Daspletosaurus D. A. Russell, 1970 [PSS –> Albertosaurus]
Dasygnathoides Kuhn, 1961* [pseudosuchian archosaur, PSS –> Ornithosuchus]

Dasygnathus Huxley, 1877/MacLeay, 1819* –> Dasygnathoides [pseudosuchian archosaur]

Datanglong Mo, Zhou F., Li G. N., Huang Z. & Cao, 2014
Datonglong Xu S., You, Wang J., Wang S. Z., Yi & Jia L., 2015 (not 2016) [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Datousaurus Dong & Tang Z., 1984
Daurosaurus Alifanov & Saveliev, 2014 [PSS –> Kulindadromeus]
Daxiatitan You, Li D. Q., Zhou L. & Ji Q., 2008
Deinocheirus Osmólska & Roniewicz, 1970
Deinodon Leidy, 1856 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Albertosaurus]
Deinonychus Ostrom, 1969
Delapparentia Ruíz-Omeñaca, 2011
Deltadromeus Sereno, Duthiel, Iarochene, Larsson, Lyon, Magwene, Sidor, Varricchio & J. A. Wilson, 1996
Demandasaurus Fernández-Baldor, Canudo, Huerta, Montero, Pereda-Suberbiola & Salgado, 2010 [electronic prepublication in abstract but here considered valid]
Denversaurus Bakker, 1988
Deuterosaurus Eichwald, 1860* [therapsid]
Diabloceratops Kirkland & DeBlieux, 2010
Diamantinasaurus Hocknull, White, Tischler, Cook, Calleja, T. Sloan & D. Elliott, 2009 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Dianchungosaurus Yang Z. J., 1982* [crocodilian]
Diceratops Lull vide Hatcher, 1905/Foerster, 1868 –> Diceratus (unnecessary) & Nedoceratops
Diceratus Mateus, 2008 [JOS –> Nedoceratops]
Diclonius Cope, 1876 [nomen dubium]
Dicraeosaurus Janensch, 1914
Didanodon Osborn, 1902 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Lambeosaurus]
Dilong Xu X., Norell, Kuang, Wang X. L., Zhao Q. & Jia C., 2004
Dilophosaurus Welles, 1970
Diluvicursor Herne, Tait, Weisbecker, Hall, Nair, Cleeland & Salisbury, 2018
Dimodosaurus Pidancet & Chopard, 1862 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Plateosaurus]
Dinheirosaurus Bonaparte & Mateus, 1999
Dinodocus Owen, 1884 [nomen dubium]
Dinosaurus Rütimeyer, 1856/Fischer von Waldheim, 1847 –> Gresslyosaurus
Dinotyrannus Olshevsky vide Olshevsky, Ford & Yamamoto, 1995 [JSS –> Tyrannosaurus]
Diodorus Kammerer, Nesbitt & Shubin, 2011
Diplodocus Marsh, 1878
Diplotomodon Leidy, 1868 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Dryptosaurus]
Diracodon Marsh, 1881 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Stegosaurus]
Dolichosuchus von Huene, 1932 [nomen dubium]
Dollodon Paul, 2008 [PSS –> Mantellisaurus]
Domeykosaurus Rubilar-Rogers (as Rubilar) & Vargas vide [Anonymous] 2003 [nomen nudum; in May 29, 2003 Reuters news reports]
Dongbeititan Wang X. R., You, Meng, Gao C., Cheng X. & Liu J. Y., 2007
Dongshengosaurus Pan R., 2015 [nomen ex dissertatione]
Dongyangopelta Chen R., Zheng W., Azuma, Shibata, Lou, Jin Q. & Jin X., 2013 [PSS –> Zhejiangosaurus]
Dongyangosaurus Lü, Azuma, Chen R., Zheng W. & Jin X., 2008
Doratodon Seeley, 1881* [crocodilian]
Doryphorosaurus Nopcsa, 1916 [JOS –> Kentrosaurus]
Draconyx Mateus & Telles Antunes, 2001
Dracopelta Galton, 1980
Dracoraptor Martill, Vidovic, Howells & Nudds, 2016
Dracorex Bakker, R. Sullivan, Porter, P. Larson & Saulsbury, 2006 [PSS –> Pachycephalosaurus]
Dracovenator Yates, 2006
Dravidosaurus Yadagiri & Ayyasami, 1979
Dreadnoughtus Lacovarra, Lamanna, Ibiricu, Poole, Schroeter, Ullmann, Voegele, Boles, Carter, Fowler, Egerton, Moyer, Coughenour, Schein, Harris, R. D. Martínez & Novas, 2014
Drinker Bakker, Galton, Siegwarth & Filla, 1990 [PSS –> Nanosaurus]
Dromaeosauroides P. Christiansen & Bonde, 2003
Dromaeosaurus Matthew & B. Brown, 1922
Dromiceiomimus D. A. Russell, 1972
Dromicosaurus van Hoepen, 1920 [JSS –> Massospondylus]
Dromomeron Irmis, Nesbitt, Padian, N. D. Smith, Turner, Woody & A. Downs, 2007
Drusilasaura Navarrete, Casal & R. D. Martínez (as R. Martínez), 2011
Dryosaurus Marsh, 1894
Dryptosauroides von Huene & Matley, 1933 [nomen dubium]
Dryptosaurus Marsh, 1877
Dubreuillosaurus Allain, 2005
Duriatitan Barrett, Benson & Upchurch, 2010
Duriavenator Benson, 2008
Dynamosaurus Osborn, 1905 [JSS –> Tyrannosaurus]
Dynamoterror McDonald, Wolfe & Dooley, 2018
Dyoplosaurus Parks, 1924
Dysalotosaurus Virchow, 1919 [JSS –> Dryosaurus]
Dysganus Cope, 1876 [nomen dubium]
Dyslocosaurus McIntosh, Coombs & D. A. Russell, 1992
Dystrophaeus Cope, 1877
Dystylosaurus Jensen, 1985 [JSS –> Supersaurus]
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Echinodon Owen, 1861
Edmarka Bakker, Kralis, Siegwarth & Filla, 1992
Edmontonia C. M. Sternberg, 1928
Edmontosaurus Lambe, 1917
Efraasia Galton, 1973
Einiosaurus Sampson, 1995
Ekrixinatosaurus J. Calvo, Rubilar-Rogers & Moreno, 2004
Elachistosuchus Janensch, 1949* [rhynchocephalian]
Elaltitan Mannion & Otero, 2012
Elaphrosaurus Janensch, 1920
Elmisaurus Osmólska, 1981
Elopteryx Andrews, 1913* [nomen dubium; probable bird, possible troodontid dinosaur]
Elosaurus Peterson & Gilmore, 1902 [JSS –> Apatosaurus]
Elrhazosaurus Galton, 2009
Elvisaurus Holmes, 1993 [nomen nudum –> Cryolophosaurus]
Emausaurus Haubold, 1990
Embasaurus Riabinin, 1931 [nomen dubium]
Enigmosaurus Barsbold & Perle vide Barsbold, 1983 [JSS –> Erlikosaurus]
Eoabelisaurus Pol & Rauhut, 2012
Eobrontosaurus Bakker, 1998
Eocarcharia Sereno & Brusatte, 2008
Eoceratops Lambe, 1915 [PSS –> Chasmosaurus]
Eocursor R. J. Butler, R. M. H. Smith & Norman, 2007
Eodromaeus R. N. Martínez, Sereno, Alcober, Colombi, Renne, Montañez & B. Currie, 2011
“Eohadrosaurus” Kirkland, 1997 [nomen nudum –> Eolambia]
Eolambia Kirkland, 1998
Eomamenchisaurus Lü, Li T. G., Zhong, Ji Q. & Li S. X., 2008
Eoplophysis Ulansky, 2014
Eoraptor Sereno, Forster, Rogers & Monetta, 1993
Eosinopteryx Godefroit, Demuynck, Dyke, Hu D., Escuillié & Claeys, 2013 [possible bird]
Eotrachodon Prieto-Márquez, Erickson & Ebersole, 2016
Eotriceratops Wu X., Brinkman, Eberth & Braman, 2007
Eotyrannus Hutt, Naish, Martill, Barker & Newberry, 2001
Eousdryosaurus Escaso, F. Ortega, Dantas, Malafaia, B. Silva, Gasulla, Mocho, Narváez & Sanz, 2014
Epachthosaurus J. E. Powell, 1990
Epanterias Cope, 1878 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Allosaurus or Saurophaganax]
Ephoenosaurus [Anonymous] 1839* [nomen nudum; PSS –> Machimosaurus; crocodilian]
Epicampodon Lydekker, 1885* [PSS –> Ankistrodon; proterosuchid archosaur]
Epichirostenotes R. Sullivan, Jasinski & van Tomme, 2011
Epidendrosaurus Zhang F., Zhou Z., Xu X. & Wang X. L., 2002
Epidexipteryx Zhang F., Zhou Z., Xu X., Wang X. L. & C. Sullivan, 2008
Equijubus You, Luo, Shubin, Witmer, Tang Z. & Tang F., 2003
Erectopus von Huene, 1922
Erketu Ksepka & Norell, 2006
Erliansaurus Xu X., Zhang X. H., Sereno, Zhao X., Kuang, Han J. & Tan L., 2002
Erlikosaurus Perle vide Barsbold & Perle, 1980
Eshanosaurus Xu X., Zhao X. & J. Clark, 2001
Euacanthus Owen vide Tennyson, 1897 [nomen nudum; JOS –> Polacanthus]
Eucamerotus Hulke, 1872 [nomen dubium]
Eucentrosaurus Chure & McIntosh, 1989 [JOS –> Centrosaurus]
Eucercosaurus Seeley, 1879 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Acanthopholis]
Eucnemesaurus van Hoepen, 1920
Eucoelophysis R. Sullivan & S. Lucas, 1999
Eugongbusaurus Knoll, 1999
Euhelopus Romer, 1956
Euoplocephalus Lambe, 1910
Eupodosaurus Boulenger, 1891* [nomen dubium; probable marine reptile]
Eureodon B. Brown vide Olshevsky, 1991 [nomen nudum –> Tenontosaurus]
Eurolimnornis Kessler & Jurcsák, 1986* [probable bird]
Euronychodon Telles Antunes & Sigogneau-Russell, 1991
Europasaurus Mateus, Laven & Knötschke vide Sander, Mateus, Laven & Knötschke, 2006
Europatitan Fernández-Baldor, Canudo, Huerta, Moreno-Azanza & Montero, 2017
Europelta Kirkland, Alcalá, Loewen, Espílez, Mampel & Wiersma, 2013
Euskelosaurus Huxley, 1866
Eustreptospondylus A. D. Walker, 1964
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Fabrosaurus Ginsburg, 1964 [nomen dubium]
Falcarius Kirkland, Zanno, Sampson, J. Clark & DeBlieux, 2005
Fenestrosaurus Osborn, 1924 [nomen nudum –> Oviraptor]
Ferganasaurus Alifanov & Averianov, 2003
Ferganastegos Ulansky, 2014
Ferganocephale Averianov, T. Martin & Bakirov, 2005
Foraminacephale Schott & Evans, 2016 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Fosterovenator Dalman, 2014
Fostoria Bell, Brougham, Herne, Frauenfelder & E. T. Smith, 2019

Frenguellisaurus Novas, 1986 [JSS –> Herrerasaurus]
Fruitadens R. J. Butler, Galton, Porro, Chiappe, Henderson & Erickson, 2009
Fukuiraptor Azuma & P. Currie, 2000
Fukuisaurus Kobayashi & Azuma, 2003
Fukuititan Azuma & Shibata, 2010
Fukuivenator Azuma, Xu X., Shibata, Kawabe, Miyata & Imai, 2016
Fulengia Carroll & Galton, 1977 [JSS –> Lufengosaurus]
Fulgurotherium von Huene, 1932
Fusinasus Hutt, 2002 [nomen nudum –> Eotyrannus]
Fusuisaurus Mo, Wang W., Huang Z., Huang X. & Xu X., 2006
“Futabasaurus” Lambert, 1990 [nomen nudum; this name now belongs to a plesiosaur (Sato, Hasegawa & Manabe, 2006)]
Futalognkosaurus J. Calvo, Porfiri, González-Riga & Kellner, 2007
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Gadolosaurus Saito, 1979 [nomen nudum]
Galeamopus Tschopp, Mateus & Benson, 2015
Galesaurus Owen, 1859* [therapsid]
Galleonosaurus Herne, Nair, A. Evans & Tait, 2019

Gallimimus Osmólska, Roniewicz & Barsbold, 1972
Galtonia Huber, S. Lucas & Hunt, 1993* [non-dinosaurian archosaur; PSS –> Revueltosaurus]
Galveosaurus Sánchez-Hernández, 2005
Galvesaurus Barco, Canudo, Cuenca-Bescós & Ruíz-Omeñaca, 2005 [JOS –> Galveosaurus]
Gannansaurus Lü, Yi, Zhong & Wei, 2013
Gansutitan You, Li D. Q., Zhou L. & Ji Q., 2008 [nomen nudum –> Daxiatitan]
Ganzhousaurus Wang S., Sun C., C. Sullivan & Xu X., 2013
Gargoyleosaurus Carpenter, C. A. Miles & Cloward, 1998
Garudimimus Barsbold, 1981
Gasosaurus Dong, 1985
Gasparinisaura Coria & Salgado, 1996
Gastonia Kirkland, 1998
Gavinosaurus Kelly, 1998 [nomen nudum –> Eotyrannus]
Geminiraptor Senter, Kirkland, Bird & Bartlett, 2010
Genusaurus Accarie, Beaudoin, Dejax, Friès, Michard & Taquet, 1995
Genyodectes Woodward, 1901
Geranosaurus Broom, 1911
Gideonmantellia Ruíz-Omeñaca, Canudo, Cuenca-Bescós, Cruzado-Caballero, Gasca & Moreno-Azanza, 2012
Giganotosaurus Coria & Salgado, 1995
Gigantoraptor Xu X., Tan Q., Wang J., Zhao X. & Tan L., 2007
Gigantosaurus Seeley, 1869 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Pelorosaurus]
Gigantosaurus E. Fraas, 1908/Seeley, 1869 –> Tornieria
Gigantoscelus van Hoepen, 1916 [JSS –> Euskelosaurus]
Gigantspinosaurus Ouyang, 1992
Gilmoreosaurus Brett-Surman, 1979
Ginnareemimus Kaneko, 2000 [nomen nudum –> Kinnareemimus]
Giraffatitan Paul, 1988
Glacialisaurus N. D. Smith & Pol, 2007
Glishades Prieto-Márquez, 2010 [nomen dubium; juvenile]
Glyptodontopelta Ford, 2000
Gobiceratops Alifanov, 2008 [PSS –> Bagaceratops (growth stage?)]

Gobihadros Tsogtbaatar K., Weishampel, Evans & Watabe, 2019

Gobipteryx Elzanowski, 1974* [enantiornithan bird]
Gobiraptor Lee S., Lee Y., Chinsamy, Lü, Barsbold & Tsogtbaatar K., 2019

Gobisaurus Vickaryous, A. P. Russell, P. Currie & Zhao X., 2001
Gobititan You, Tang F. & Luo, 2003
Gobivenator Tsuihiji, Barsbold, Watabe, Tsogtbaatar K., Tsogtbaatar C., Fujiyama & Suzuki, 2014
Godzillasaurus Ikejiri, 2003 [nomen nudum; JOS –> Gojirasaurus (misspelling)]
Gojirasaurus Carpenter, 1997
Gondwanatitan Kellner & Azevedo, 1999
Gongbusaurus Dong, Zhou S. & Zhang Y. H., 1983
Gongpoquansaurus You, Li D. & Dodson, 2014
Gongxianosaurus He X., Wang C., Liu Sh. Z., Zhou F., Liu T., Cai & Dai, 1998
Gorgosaurus Lambe, 1914 [PSS –> Albertosaurus]
Goyocephale Perle, Maryanska & Osmólska, 1982
Graciliceratops Sereno, 2000
Graciliraptor Xu X. & Wang X. L., 2004
Gracilisuchus Romer, 1972* [non-dinosaurian archosaur]
Gravisaurus Chabli vide Norman, 1989 [nomen nudum –> Lurdusaurus]
Gravitholus Wall & Galton, 1979 [nomen dubium]
Gresslyosaurus Rütimeyer, 1856 [PSS –> Plateosaurus]
Griphornis Owen vide Woodward, 1862* [nomen rejectum –> Archaeopteryx; bird]
Griphosaurus J. A. Wagner, 1861* [nomen rejectum –> Archaeopteryx; bird]
“Gripposaurus” Barrett, Upchurch, Zhou X. & Wang X., 2007 [nomen nudum]
Gryphoceratops Ryan, Evans, P. Currie, C. Brown & Brinkman, 2012
Gryphognathus Ryan, Evans, P. Currie, C. Brown & Brinkman, 2011 [nomen manuscriptum validly published online, but –> Gryphoceratops; not preoccupied by fish genus Griphognathus Gross, 1956, which has later appeared misspelled Gryphognathus in the literature]
Gryponyx Broom, 1911 [JSS –> Massospondylus]
Gryposaurus Lambe, 1914
Gspsaurus Malkani, 2014
Guaibasaurus Bonaparte, Ferigolo & A. Ribeiro, 1999
Gualicho Apesteguía, N. D. Smith, Juarez-Valieri (as Juárez Valieri) & Makovicky, 2016
Guanlong Xu X., J. Clark, Forster, Norell, Erickson, Eberth, Jia C. & Zhao Q., 2006
Gwyneddosaurus Bock, 1945* [PSS –> Tanytrachelos (prolacertiform)]
Gyposaurus Broom, 1911 [JSS –> Massospondylus]
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“Hadrosauravus” Lambert, 1990 [nomen nudum –> Gryposaurus]
Hadrosaurus Leidy, 1859 [nomen dubium]
Haestasaurus Upchurch, Mannion & Taylor, 2015
Hagryphus Zanno & Sampson, 2005
Hallopus Marsh, 1881* [crocodilian]
Halszkaraptor Cau, Beyrand, Voeten, V. Fernandez, Tafforeau, Stein, Barsbold, Tsogtbaatar K., P. Currie & Godefroit, 2017
Halticosaurus von Huene, 1908 [nomen dubium]
Hanssuesia R. Sullivan, 2003
“Hanwulosaurus” [Anonymous] 2001 [nomen nudum; in Xinhua News Service news articles]
Haplocanthosaurus Hatcher, 1903
Haplocanthus Hatcher, 1903/Agassiz, 1845 –> Haplocanthosaurus
Haplocheirus Choiniere, Xu X., J. Clark, Forster, Guo & Han F., 2010
Harpymimus Barsbold & Perle, 1984
Haya Makovicky, Kilbourne, Sadleir & Norell, 2011
Hecatasaurus B. Brown, 1910 [JOS –> Telmatosaurus]
Heilongjiangosaurus Li W. & Jin J., 2001 [nomen nudum]
Heishansaurus Bohlin, 1953 [nomen dubium]
Helioceratops Jin L., Chen J., Zan & Godefroit, 2009
Helopus Wiman, 1929/Wagler, 1832 –> Euhelopus
Heptasteornis Harrison & C. A. Walker, 1975 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Elopteryx]
Herbstosaurus Casamiquela, 1974* [pterosaur]
Herrerasaurus Reig, 1963
Hesperonychus Longrich & P. Currie, 2009
Hesperosaurus Carpenter, C. A. Miles & Cloward, 2001
Heterodontosaurus Crompton & Charig, 1962
Heterosaurus Cornuel, 1850 [JSS –> Iguanodon]
Hexing Jin L., Chen J. & Godefroit, 2012
Hexinlusaurus Barrett, R. J. Butler & Knoll, 2005
Heyuannia Lü, 2003
Hierosaurus Wieland, 1909
Hikanodon Mantell vide Nöggerath, 1826 [JOS –> Iguanodon]

Hippodraco McDonald, Kirkland, DeBlieux, S. K. Madsen, Cavin, A. R. C. Milner & Panzarin, 2010
“Hironosaurus” Hisa, 1988 [nomen nudum –> Koshisaurus (possibly)]
“Hisanohamasaurus” Lambert, 1990 [nomen nudum]
Histriasaurus Dalla Vecchia, 1998
Homalocephale Maryanska & Osmólska, 1974
Honghesaurus [Anonymous] 1981 [nomen nudum –> Yandusaurus]
Hongshanosaurus You, Xu X. & Wang X. L., 2003
Hoplitosaurus F. Lucas, 1902
Hoplosaurus Seeley, 1881 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Struthiosaurus]
Horshamosaurus Blows, 2015
Hortalotarsus Seeley, 1894 [JSS –> Massospondylus]
Huabeisaurus Pang & Cheng Z., 2000
Hualianceratops Han F., Forster, J. Clark & Xu X., 2015
Huanansaurus Lü, Pu, Kobayashi, Xu L., Chang H., Shang Y. H., Liu D., Lee Y. N., Kundrát & Shen, 2015
Huanghetitan You, Li D. Q., Zhou L. & Ji Q., 2006
Huangshanlong Huang J., You, Yang J. T. & Ren, 2014
Huaxiagnathus Hwang, Norell, Ji Q. & Gao K., 2004
Huaxiaosaurus Zhao X., Wang K. & Li D. J., 2011 [PSS –> Shantungosaurus]
“Huaxiasaurus” Rey, 2002 [nomen nudum –> Huaxiagnathus]
Huayangosaurus Dong, Tang Z. & Zhou S., 1982
Hudiesaurus Dong, 1997
Huehuecanauhtlus Ramírez-Velasco, Benammi, Prieto-Márquez, J. Ortega & Hernández-Rivera, 2012
Hulsanpes Osmólska, 1982
Hungarosaurus Ösi, 2005
Huxleysaurus Paul, 2012
Hylaeosaurus Mantell, 1833
Hylosaurus Fitzinger, 1840 [JOS –> Hylaeosaurus]
Hypacrosaurus B. Brown, 1913
Hypselorhachis Charig, 1967 vide R. J. Butler, Barrett, Abel & Gower, 2009* [ctenosauriscid archosaur]
Hypselosaurus Matheron, 1869
Hypselospinus Norman, 2010
Hypsibema Cope, 1869 [nomen dubium]
Hypsilophodon Huxley, 1869
Hypsirophus Cope, 1878 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Stegosaurus]
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“Ichabodcraniosaurus” Novacek, 1996 [nomen nudum]
Ichthyovenator Allain, Xaisanavong, Richir & Khentavong, 2012
Ignavusaurus Knoll, 2010 [PSS –> Massospondylus]
Ignotosaurus R. N. Martínez, Apaldetti, Alcober, Colombi, Sereno, E. Fernandez, Santi Malnis, Correa & Abelin, 2013
Iguanacolossus McDonald, Kirkland, DeBlieux, S. K. Madsen, Cavin, A. R. C. Milner & Panzarin, 2010
Iguanodon Mantell, 1825
“Iguanoides” Conybeare vide Cadbury, 2000 [nomen nudum –> Iguanodon]
Iguanosaurus [Anonymous] 1824 [nomen nudum –> Iguanodon]
Iliosuchus von Huene, 1932
Ilokelesia Coria & Salgado, 2000 (not 1998)
Imperobator Ely & Case, 2019

Incisivosaurus Xu X., Cheng Y., Wang X. L. & Chang C., 2002 [PSS –> Protarchaeopteryx]
Indosaurus von Huene & Matley, 1933
Indosuchus von Huene & Matley, 1933
Ingenia Barsbold, 1981/Gerlach, 1957 –> Ajancingenia
Ingentia Apaldetti, R. N. Martínez, Cerda, Pol & Alcober, 2018
Inosaurus de Lapparent, 1960 [nomen dubium]
Invictarx McDonald & Wolfe, 2018 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Irritator Martill, Cruickshank, Frey, Small & M. Clarke, 1996
Isaberrysaura Salgado, Canudo, Garrido, Moreno-Azanza, L. C. A. Martínez, Coria & Gasca, 2017
Isanosaurus Buffetaut, V. Suteethorn, Cuny, Tong, Le Loeuff, Khansubha & Jongautchariyakul, 2000
Ischioceratops He Y., Makovicky, Wang K., Chen S., C. Sullivan, Han F. & Xu X., 2015 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Ischisaurus Reig, 1963 [JSS –> Herrerasaurus]
Ischyrosaurus Hulke, 1874 vide Lydekker, 1888/Cope, 1869
Isisaurus J. A. Wilson & Upchurch, 2003
“Issasaurus” Maier, 2003 [nomen nudum –> Dicraeosaurus]
Itemirus Kurzanov, 1976
Iuticosaurus Le Loeuff, 1993 [nomen dubium]
Ixalerpeton Furtado Cabreira, Kellner, Dias-da-Silva, L. R. da Silva, Bronzati, de Almeida Marsola, Temp Müller, de Souza Bittencourt, Batista, Raugust, Carrilho, Brodt & Cardoso Langer, 2016
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Jainosaurus Hunt, Lockley, S. Lucas & C. Meyer, 1995 (not 1994) [nomen dubium; PSS –> Titanosaurus]
Jaklapallisaurus Novas, Ezcurra, Chatterjee & Kutty, 2011 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Janenschia Wild, 1991
Jaxartosaurus Riabinin, 1937 [nomen dubium]
Jeholornis Zhou Z. & Zhang F., 2002 [JSS –> Shenzhouraptor; possible bird]
Jeholosaurus Xu X., Wang X. L. & You, 2000
Jenghizkhan Olshevsky vide Olshevsky, Ford & Yamamoto, 1995 [JSS –> Tarbosaurus]
Jensenosaurus Olshevsky vide B. D. Curtice, Stadtman & L. J. Curtice, 1996 [nomen nudum –> Ultrasauros; JSS –> Supersaurus]
Jeyawati McDonald, Wolfe & Kirkland, 2010
Jianchangosaurus Pu, Kobayashi, Lü, Xu L., Wu Y., Chang H., Zhang J. M. & Jia S., 2013
“Jiangjunmiaosaurus” [Anonymous] 1987 [nomen nudum –> Monolophosaurus & Sinraptor]
Jiangjunosaurus Jia C., Forster (as Foster [sic]), Xu X. & J. Clark, 2007
Jiangshanosaurus Tang F., Kang, Jin X., Wei & Wu W. T., 2001
Jiangxisaurus Wei, Pu, Xu L., Liu D. & Lü, 2013
Jianianhualong Xu X., P. Currie, Pittman, Xing L., Meng, Lü, Hu D. & Yu C., 2017
Jinfengopteryx Ji Q., Ji S., Lü, You, Chen W., Liu Y. Q. & Liu Y. X., 2005
Jingshanosaurus Zhang Y. H. & Yang Z. L., 1995
Jintasaurus You & Li D. Q., 2009
Jinyunpelta Zheng W., Jin X., Azuma, Wang Q., Miyata & Xu X., 2018
Jinzhousaurus Wang X. L. & Xu X., 2001
Jiutaisaurus Wu W. H., Dong, Sun Y., Li C. & Li T., 2006
Jixiangornis Ji Q., Ji S., Zhang H., You, Zhang J. P., Wang L., Yuan & Ji X., 2002 [possible bird]
Jobaria Sereno, Beck, Dutheil, Larsson, Lyon, Moussa, Sadleir, Sidor, Varricchio, G. P. Wilson & J. A. Wilson, 1999
Jubbulpuria von Huene & Matley, 1933 [nomen dubium]
Judiceratops Longrich, 2013
Jurapteryx Howgate, 1985* [PSS –> Archaeopteryx; bird]
“Jurassosaurus” Dong vide Holden, 1992 [nomen nudum –> Tianchisaurus]
Juratyrant Brusatte & Benson, 2012
Juravenator Göhlich & Chiappe, 2006
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Kaatedocus Tschopp & Mateus, 2012
“Kagasaurus” Hisa, 1988 [nomen nudum]
Kaijiangosaurus He X., 1984
Kaijutitan Filippi, Salgado & Garrido, 2019

Kakuru Molnar & Pledge, 1980
Kangnasaurus Haughton, 1915
Karongasaurus Gomani, 2005 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Katepensaurus Ibiricu, Casal, R. D. Martínez, Lamanna, Luna & Salgado, 2013
“Katsuyamasaurus” Lambert, 1990 [nomen nudum –> Fukuiraptor (likely)]
Kayentavenator Gay, 2010
Kazaklambia Bell & K. S. Brink, 2013
Kelmayisaurus Dong, 1973
Kemkemia Cau & Maganuco, 2009
Kentrosaurus Hennig, 1915/Lambe, 1904 –> Kentrurosaurus & Doryphorosaurus (both unnecessary)
Kentrurosaurus Hennig, 1916 [JOS –> Kentrosaurus]
Kerberosaurus Bolotsky & Godefroit, 2004
Khaan J. Clark, Norell & Barsbold, 2001
Khetranisaurus Malkani, 2006
Kileskus Averianov, Krasnolutskii & Ivantsov, 2010
Kinnareemimus Buffetaut, V. Suteethorn & Tong, 2009
“Kitadanisaurus” Lambert, 1990 [nomen nudum]
Kittysaurus Hargreaves, 2001 [nomen nudum –> Eotyrannus]
Klamelisaurus Zhao X., 1993
Kol Turner, Nesbitt & Norell, 2009
Koparion Chure, 1994
Koreaceratops Lee Y. N., Ryan & Kobayashi, 2010
Koreanosaurus H. M. Kim, 1979 [nomen nudum]
Koreanosaurus Huh, Lee D. G., J. K. Kim, Lim & Godefroit, 2010
Koshisaurus Shibata & Azuma, 2015
Kosmoceratops Sampson, Loewen, Farke, Roberts, Forster, J. A. Smith & Titus, 2010
Kotasaurus Yadagiri, 1988
Koutalisaurus Prieto-Márquez, Gaete, Rivas, Galobart & Boada, 2006 [PSS –> Pararhabdodon]
Kritosaurus B. Brown, 1910 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Anasazisaurus, Gryposaurus, and/or Naashoibitosaurus]
Kryptops Sereno & Brusatte, 2008
Krzyzanowskisaurus Heckert, 2005* [non-dinosaurian archosaur; PSS –> Revueltosaurus]
Kukufeldia McDonald, Barrett & S. D. Chapman, 2010
Kulceratops Nessov, 1995
Kulindadromeus Godefroit, Sinitsa, Dhouailly, Bolotsky, Sizov, McNamara, Benton & Spagna, 2014 [PSS –> Daurosaurus or Kulindapteryx]
Kulindapteryx Alifanov & Saveliev, 2014 [PSS –> Kulindadromeus]
Kunbarrasaurus Leahey, Molnar, Carpenter, Witmer & Salisbury, 2015
Kundurosaurus Godefroit, Bolotsky & Lauters, 2012
Kunmingosaurus Zhao X. (as Chao S.), 1985
Kuszholia Nessov, 1992* [bird]
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Labocania Molnar, 1974
Labrosaurus Marsh, 1879 [JSS –> Allosaurus]
Laelaps Cope, 1866/Koch, 1836 –> Dryptosaurus
Laevisuchus von Huene & Matley, 1933 [nomen dubium]
Lagerpeton Romer, 1971
Lagosuchus Romer, 1971 [nomen dubium]
Laiyangosaurus Zhang J. L., Wang X. L., Wang Q., Jiang S., Cheng X., Li N. & Qiu, 2017
Lamaceratops Alifanov, 2003 [PSS –> Bagaceratops (growth stage?)]

Lambeosaurus Parks, 1923
Lametasaurus Matley, 1923 [nomen dubium]
Lamplughsaura Kutty, Chatterjee, Galton & Upchurch, 2007
Lanasaurus Gow, 1975
Lancangosaurus Zhao X. vide Dong, Zhou S. & Zhang Y. H., 1983 [nomen nudum –> Datousaurus]
Lancanjiangosaurus Zhao X., 1983 [nomen nudum]
Lanzhousaurus You, Ji Q. & Li D. Q., 2005
Laornis Marsh, 1870* [bird]
Laosaurus Marsh, 1878 [nomen dubium]
Lapampasaurus Coria, González-Riga (as González Riga) & Casadio, 2012
Laplatasaurus von Huene, 1929
Lapparentosaurus Bonaparte, 1986
Laquintasaura Barrett, R. J. Butler, Mundil, Scheyer, Irmis & Sánchez-Villagra, 2014
Latenivenatrix van der Reest & P. Currie, 2017 [PSS –> Polyodontosaurus, Troodon]
Latirhinus Prieto-Márquez & Serrano Brañas, 2012
Lavocatisaurus Canudo, Carballido, Garrido & Salgado, 2018
Leaellynasaura T. Rich & Vickers-Rich (as P. Rich), 1989
Ledumahadi McPhee, Benson, Botha-Brink, Bordy & Choiniere, 2018
Leinkupal Gallina, Apesteguía, Haluza & Canale, 2014
Leipsanosaurus Nopcsa, 1918 [PSS –> Struthiosaurus]
Lengosaurus Kelly, 1998 [nomen nudum –> Eotyrannus]
Leonerasaurus Pol, Garrido & Cerda, 2011 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Lepidocheirosaurus Alifanov & Saveliev, 2015 [PSS –> Kulindadromeus]
Lepidus Nesbitt & Ezcurra, 2015 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Leptoceratops B. Brown, 1914
Leptorhynchos Longrich, Barnes, S. Clark & Millar, 2013
Leptospondylus Owen, 1854 [JSS –> Massospondylus]
Leshansaurus Li F., Peng G., Ye, Jiang S. & Huang D., 2009
Lesothosaurus Galton, 1978 [PSS –> Fabrosaurus]
Lessemsaurus Bonaparte, 1999
Levnesovia Sues & Averianov, 2009
Lewisuchus Romer, 1972
Lexovisaurus Hoffstetter, 1957
Leyesaurus Apaldetti, R. N. Martínez, Alcober & Pol, 2011 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Liaoceratops Xu X., Makovicky, Wang X. L., Norell & You, 2002
Liaoningosaurus Xu X., Wang X. L. & You, 2001
Liaoningotitan Zhou, Wu W., Sekiya & Dong, 2018
Liaoningvenator Shen, Zhao B., Gao C., Lü & Kundrát, 2017
Liassaurus Welles, H. P. Powell & Pickering vide Pickering, 1995 [nomen nudum]
Libycosaurus Bonarelli, 1947* [anthracothere mammal]
Ligabueino Bonaparte, 1996
Ligabuesaurus Bonaparte, González-Riga (as González Riga) & Apesteguía, 2006
“Ligomasaurus” Maier, 2003 [nomen nudum –> Giraffatitan]
Lijiagousaurus Li Z. Q., 2001 [nomen nudum]
Likhoelesaurus Ellenberger, 1970* [nomen nudum; non-dinosaurian archosaur]
Liliensternus Welles, 1984
Limaysaurus Salgado, Garrido, S. E. Cocca & J. R. Cocca, 2004
Limnornis Kessler & Jurcsák, 1984/Gould, 1839* –> Eurolimnornis & Palaeocursornis [probable bird]
Limnosaurus Nopcsa, 1899/Marsh, 1872 –> Telmatosaurus
Limusaurus Xu X., J. Clark, Mo, Choiniere, Forster, Erickson, Hone, C. Sullivan, Eberth, Nesbitt, Zhao Q., Hernández-Rivera (as Hernandez), Jia C., Han F. & Guo, 2009
Lingwulong Xu X., Upchurch, Mannion, Barrett, Regalado-Fernandez, Mo J., Ma J. & Liu H., 2018
Lingyuanosaurus Yao, Liao, C. Sullivan & Xu X., 2019

Linhenykus Xu X., C. Sullivan, Pittman, Choiniere, Hone, Upchurch, Tan Q., Xiao, Tan L. & Han F., 2011
Linheraptor Xu X., Choiniere, Pittman, Tan Q., Xiao, Li Z. Q., Tan L., J. Clark, Norell, Hone & C. Sullivan, 2010 [PSS –>Tsaagan]
Linhevenator Xu X., Tan Q., C. Sullivan, Han F., & Xiao, 2011
Lirainosaurus Sanz, J. E. Powell, Le Loeuff, R. D. Martínez & Pereda-Suberbiola, 1999
Lisboasaurus Seiffert, 1973* [crocodilian]
Liubangosaurus Mo, Xu X. & Buffetaut, 2010
Lohuecotitan Díez Díaz, Mocho, Páramo, Escaso, Marcos-Fernández, Sanz & F. Ortega, 2016
Loncosaurus Ameghino, 1898 [nomen dubium]
Longisquama Sharov, 1970* [gliding reptile]
Longosaurus Welles, 1984 [JSS –> Coelophysis]
Lophorhothon Langston, 1960
Lophostropheus Ezcurra & Cuny, 2007
Loricatosaurus Maidment, Norman, Barrett & Upchurch, 2008
Loricosaurus von Huene, 1929
Losillasaurus Casanovas-Cladellas (as Casanovas), Santafe & Sanz, 2001
Lourinhanosaurus Mateus, 1998
Lourinhasaurus Dantas, Sanz, C. M. da Silva, F. Ortega, V. F. Dos Santos & Cachao, 1998
Luanchuanraptor Lü, Xu L., Zhang X. L., Ji Q., Jia S., Hu W., Zhang J. M. & Wu Y., 2007
Luanpingosaurus Cheng Z. vide Chen P., 1996 [nomen nudum –> Psittacosaurus]
Lucianosaurus Hunt & S. Lucas, 1994* [non-dinosaurian archosaur]
Lucianosaurus R. N. Martínez & Apaldetti, 2017/Hunt & S. Lucas, 1994 [advance publication online] –> Lucianovenator
Lucianovenator R. N. Martínez & Apaldetti, 2017
Luckyraptor [Anonymous] 2007 [nomen nudum]
Lufengocephalus Yang Z. J. (as Young C. C.), 1974 [JSS –> Lufengosaurus]
Lufengosaurus Yang Z. J. (as Young C. C.), 1941
Lukousaurus Yang Z. J. (as Young C. C.), 1948
Luoyanggia Lü, Xu L., Jiang X., Jia S., Li M., Yuan, Zhang X. L. & Ji Q., 2009
Luoyangosaurus Lü, 2009 [nomen nudum –> Luoyanggia]
Lurdusaurus Taquet & D. A. Russell, 1999
Lusitanosaurus de Lapparent & Zbyszewski, 1957
Lusotitan Telles Antunes & Mateus, 2003
Lutungutali Peecook, Sidor, Nesbitt, R. M. H. Smith, Steyer & Angielczyk, 2013
Lycorhinus Haughton, 1924
Lythronax Loewen, Irmis, Sertich, P. Currie & Sampson, 2013
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Macelognathus Marsh, 1884* [sphenosuchian crocodilian]
Machairasaurus Longrich, P. Currie & Dong, 2010
Machairoceratops E. K. Lund, P. M. O’Connor, Loewen & Jinnah, 2016 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Macrocollum Temp Müller, Cardoso Langer & Dias-da-Silva, 2018
Macrodontophion Zborzewski, 1834 [nomen dubium]
Macrogryphosaurus J. Calvo, Porfiri & Novas, 2007
Macrophalangia C. M. Sternberg, 1932 [JSS –> Chirostenotes]
Macroscelosaurus Muenster vide von Meyer, 1847* [nomen nudum –> Tanystropheus (likely); prolacertiform reptile]
Macrurosaurus Seeley, 1876
“Madsenius” Lambert, 1990 [nomen nudum –> Allosaurus]
Magnamanus Fuentes Vidarte, M. Meijide Calvo, F. Meijide-Fuentes & M. Meijide-Fuentes 2017 (not 2016)
Magnapaulia Prieto-Márquez, Chiappe & Joshi, 2012
Magnirostris You & Dong, 2003 [PSS –> Bagaceratops (growth stage?)]

Magnosaurus von Huene, 1932
Magulodon Kranz, 1996 [nomen nudum]
Magyarosaurus von Huene, 1932
Mahakala Turner, Pol, J. A. Clarke, Erickson & Norell, 2007
Mahuidacursor Cruzado-Caballero, Gasca, Filippi, Cerda & Garrido, 2019 [electronic publication but here considered valid]

Maiasaura Horner & Makela, 1979
Majungasaurus Lavocat, 1955
Majungatholus Sues & Taquet, 1979 [JSS –> Majungasaurus]
Malarguesaurus González-Riga, Previtera & Pirrone, 2008 (not 2009)
Malawisaurus Jacobs, Winkler, W. R. Downs & Gomani, 1993
Maleevosaurus Carpenter, 1992 [JSS –> Tarbosaurus]
Maleevus Tumanova, 1987 [nomen dubium]
Mamenchisaurus Yang Z. J. (as Young C. C.), 1954
Mandschurosaurus Riabinin, 1930 [nomen dubium; PSS –>Amurosaurus or Charonosaurus]
Manidens Pol, Rauhut & Becerra, 2011
Manospondylus Cope, 1892 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Tyrannosaurus]
Mansourasaurus Sallam, Gorscak, P. M. O’Connor, El-Dawoudi, El-Sayed, Saber, Kora, Sertich, Seiffert & Lamanna, 2018
Mantellisaurus Paul, 2006
Mantellodon Paul, 2012
Maojandino Malkani, 2016 [nomen manuscriptum]
Mapusaurus Coria & P. Currie, 2006
Maraapunisaurus Carpenter, 2018
Marasuchus Sereno & Arcucci, 1994
Marisaurus Malkani, 2006
Marmarospondylus Owen, 1875 [nomen dubium]
Marshosaurus J. H. Madsen, 1976
Martharaptor Senter, Kirkland & DeBlieux, 2012
Masiakasaurus Sampson, Carrano & Forster, 2001
Massospondylus Owen, 1854
Matheronodon Godefroit, G. Garcia, Gomez, Stein, Cincotta, Lefèvre & Valentin, 2017
Maxakalisaurus Kellner, Campos, Azevedo, Trotta, Henriques, Craik & H. Silva, 2006
Medusaceratops Ryan, A. P. Russell & Hartman, 2010
Megacervixosaurus Zhao X., 1983 [nomen nudum]
Megadactylus Hitchcock, 1865/Fitzinger, 1843 –> Amphisaurus
“Megadontosaurus” B. Brown vide Ostrom, 1970 [nomen nudum –> Deinonychus & Microvenator]
Megalosaurus Buckland, 1824
Megapnosaurus Ivie, Slipinski & Wegrzynowicz, 2001 [JSS –> Coelophysis]
Megaraptor Novas, 1998
Mei Xu X. & Norell, 2004
Melanorosaurus Haughton, 1924
Mendozasaurus González-Riga (as González Riga), 2003
Mercuriceratops Ryan, Evans, P. Currie & Loewen, 2014
Meroktenos de Fabrègues & Allain, 2016
Merosaurus Welles, H. P. Powell & Pickering vide Pickering, 1995 [nomen nudum]
Metriacanthosaurus A. D. Walker, 1964
Microcephale Sereno, 1997 [nomen nudum]
Microceratops Bohlin, 1953/Seyrig, 1952 –> Microceratus
Microceratus Mateus, 2008 [nomen dubium]
Microcoelus Lydekker, 1893 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Saltasaurus]
Microdontosaurus Zhao X., 1983 [nomen nudum]
Microhadrosaurus Dong, 1979 [nomen dubium]
Micropachycephalosaurus Dong, 1978
Microraptor Xu X., Zhou Z. & Wang X. L., 2000
Microsaurops Kuhn, 1963 [JOS –> Microcoelus]
Microvenator Ostrom, 1970
Mierasaurus Royo-Torres, Upchurch, Kirkland, DeBlieux, Foster, Cobos & Alcalá, 2017
“Mifunesaurus” Hisa, 1985 [nomen nudum]
Minmi Molnar, 1980 [nomen dubium]
Minotaurasaurus C. A. Miles & C. J. Miles, 2009 [PSS –> Tarchia]
Miragaia Mateus, Maidment & N. Christiansen, 2009
Mirischia Naish, Martill & Frey, 2004
Mnyamawamtuka Gorscak & O'Connor, 2019

Moabosaurus Britt, Scheetz, Whiting & Wilhite, 2017
Mochlodon Seeley, 1881
“Mohammadisaurus” Maier, 2003 [nomen nudum –> Tornieria]
Mojoceratops Longrich, 2010 [PSS –> Eoceratops or Chasmosaurus]
Mongolosaurus Gilmore, 1933 [nomen dubium]
Mongolostegus Tumanova & Alifanov, 2019

Monkonosaurus Zhao X. vide Dong, 1990
Monoclonius Cope, 1876 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Centrosaurus or Styracosaurus]
Monolophosaurus Zhao X. & P. Currie, 1994 (not 1993)
Mononychus Perle, Norell, Chiappe & J. Clark, 1993/Schueppel, 1824 –> Mononykus
Mononykus Perle, Norell, Chiappe & J. Clark, 1993
Montanoceratops C. M. Sternberg, 1951
Morelladon Gasulla, Escaso, Narváez, F. Ortega & Sanz, 2015 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Morinosaurus Sauvage, 1874 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Pelorosaurus]
Moros Zanno, Tucker, Canoville, Avrahami, Gates & Makovicky, 2019

Morosaurus Marsh, 1878 [JSS –> Camarasaurus]
Morrosaurus Rozadilla, Agnolín, Novas, Aranciaga Rolando, Motta, Lirio & Isasi, 2015
Mosaiceratops Zheng W., Jin X. & Xu X., 2015
“Moshisaurus” Hisa, 1985 [nomen nudum –> Mamenchisaurus]
“Mtapaiasaurus” Maier, 2003 [nomen nudum –> Giraffatitan]
“Mtotosaurus” Maier, 2003 [nomen nudum –> Dicraeosaurus]
Murusraptor Coria & P. Currie, 2016
Mussaurus Bonaparte & Vince, 1979
Muttaburrasaurus Bartholomai & Molnar, 1981
Muyelensaurus J. Calvo, González-Riga & Porfiri, 2007
Mymoorapelta Kirkland & Carpenter, 1994
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Naashoibitosaurus Hunt & S. Lucas, 1993 [PSS –> Gryposaurus or Kritosaurus]
Nambalia Novas, Ezcurra, Chatterjee & Kutty, 2011 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Nankangia Lü, Yi, Zhong & Wei, 2013 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Nanningosaurus Mo, Zhao Z., Wang W. & Xu X., 2007
“Nanoraptor” Grimaldi vide St. Fleur, 2017 [nomen nudum; in New York Times news article 12/12/17]
Nanosaurus Marsh, 1877
Nanotyrannus Bakker, Williams & P. Currie, 1988 [PSS –> Tyrannosaurus]
Nanshiungosaurus Dong, 1979
Nanuqsaurus Fiorillo & Tykoski, 2014
Nanyangosaurus Xu X., Zhao X., Lü, Huang W., Li Z. Y. & Dong, 2000
Narambuenatitan Filippi, R. A. García & Garrido, 2010 [electronic prepublication in abstract but here considered valid]
Nasutoceratops Sampson, E. K. Lund, Loewen, Farke & Clayton, 2013
Nasutuceratops E. K. Lund, 2010 [nomen ex dissertatione –> Nasutoceratops]
Natronasaurus Ulansky, 2014 [SSS –> Alcovasaurus]
Nebulasaurus Xing L., Miyashita, P. Currie, You & Dong, 2013 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Nectosaurus Versluys, 1910/Merriam, 1905 –> Kritosaurus
Nedcolbertia Kirkland, Britt, Whittle, S. K. Madsen & Burge, 1998
Nedoceratops Ukrainsky, 2007 [PSS –> Triceratops]
Neimongosaurus Zhang X. H., Xu X., Zhao X., Sereno, Kuang & Tan L., 2001
Nemegtia Lü, Tomida, Azuma, Dong & Lee Y. N., 2004/Szczechura, 1978 –> Nemegtomaia
Nemegtomaia Lü, Tomida, Azuma, Dong & Lee Y. N., 2005
Nemegtosaurus Nowinski, 1971
Neosaurus Gilmore vide Gilmore & Stewart, 1945/Nopcsa, 1923 –> Parrosaurus
Neosodon de la Moussaye, 1885
Neovenator Hutt, Martill & Barker, 1996
Neuquenraptor Novas & Pol, 2005 [PSS –> Unenlagia]
Neuquensaurus J. E. Powell, 1992
Newtonsaurus Welles vide Welles & Pickering, 1999 [nomen nudum]
Ngexisaurus Zhao X., 1983 [nomen nudum]
Nhandumirim Marsola, Bittencourt, R. Butler, Da Rosa, Sayão & Langer, 2019

Nicksaurus Malkani, 2016 [nomen manuscriptum]
Nigersaurus Sereno, Beck, Dutheil, Larsson, Lyon, Moussa, Sadleir, Sidor, Varricchio, G. P. Wilson & J. A. Wilson, 1999
Ningyuansaurus Ji Q., Lü, Wei & Wang X. R., 2012
Niobrarasaurus Carpenter, Dilkes & Weishampel, 1995
Nipponosaurus Nagao, 1936
Noasaurus Bonaparte & J. E. Powell, 1980
Nodocephalosaurus R. Sullivan, 1999
Nodosaurus Marsh, 1889
Nomingia Barsbold,Osmólska, Watabe, P. Currie & baatar K., 2000
Nopcsaspondylus Apesteguía, 2007
Normanniasaurus Le Loeuff, S. Suteethorn & Buffetaut, 2013
Nothronychus Kirkland & Wolfe, 2001
Notoceratops Tapia, 1918 [nomen dubium]
Notocolossus González-Riga, Lamanna, Ortiz David, J. Calvo & Coria, 2016
Notohypsilophodon R. D. Martínez, 1998
Nototyrannus [Anonymous] 2011 vide Apesteguía, N. D. Smith, Juarez-Valieri (as Juárez Valieri) & Makovicky, 2016 [nomen nudum –> Gualicho]
Nqwebasaurus de Klerk, Forster, Sampson, Chinsamy & Ross, 2000
“Nteregosaurus” Maier, 2003 [nomen nudum –> Janenschia]
Nuoersaurus Dong & Li X. M., 1991 [nomen nudum; later spelled Nuoerosaurus and Nurosaurus but as yet neither formally described nor named]
Nuthetes Owen, 1854
Nyasasaurus Charig, 1967 vide Nesbitt, Barrett, Werning, Sidor & Charig, 2012
“Nyororosaurus” Maier, 2003 [nomen nudum –> Dicraeosaurus]
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Oceanotitan Mocho, Royo-Torres & F. Ortega, 2019

Ohmdenosaurus Wild, 1978
Ojoceratops R. Sullivan & S. Lucas, 2010 [PSS –> Triceratops]
Ojoraptorsaurus R. Sullivan, Jasinski & van Tomme, 2011
Oligosaurus Seeley, 1881 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Rhabdodon]
Olorotitan Godefroit, Bolotsky & Alifanov, 2003
Omeisaurus Yang Z. J. (as Young C. C.), 1939
Omnivoropteryx Czerkas & Ji Q., 2002
Omosaurus Owen, 1875/Leidy, 1856 –> Dacentrurus
Onychosaurus Nopcsa, 1902 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Rhabdodon]
Oohkotokia Penkalski, 2013 [electronic publication but here considered valid; published in 2014; PSS –> Scolosaurus]
Opisthocoelicaudia Borsuk-Bialynicka, 1977 [PSS –> Nemegtosaurus]
Oplosaurus Gervais, 1852 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Pelorosaurus]
Orcomimus Triebold, 1997 [nomen nudum]
Orinosaurus Lydekker, 1889 [JOS –> Orosaurus]
Orkoraptor Novas, Ezcurra & Lecuona, 2008
Ornatotholus Galton & Sues, 1983 [JSS –> Stegoceras]
Ornithodesmus Seeley, 1887
Ornithoides Osborn, 1924 [nomen nudum –> Saurornithoides]
Ornitholestes Osborn, 1903
Ornithomerus Seeley, 1881 [JSS –> Rhabdodon]
Ornithomimoides von Huene & Matley, 1933 [nomen dubium]
Ornithomimus Marsh, 1890
Ornithopsis Seeley, 1870 [nomen dubium]
Ornithosuchus Newton, 1894* [pseudosuchian archosaur]

Ornithotarsus Cope, 1869 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Hadrosaurus]
Orodromeus Horner & Weishampel, 1988
Orosaurus Huxley, 1867 [JSS –> Euskelosaurus]
Orthogoniosaurus Das-Gupta, 1931 [nomen dubium]
Orthomerus Seeley, 1883 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Telmatosaurus]
Oryctodromeus Varricchio, A. J. Martin & Katsura, 2007
Oshanosaurus Zhao X. (as Chao S.), 1985 [nomen nudum]
Osmakasaurus McDonald, 2011
Ostafrikasaurus Buffetaut, 2012
Ostromia Foth & Rauhut, 2017* [bird; PSS –> Archaeopteryx]
Othnielia Galton, 1977 [PSS –> Nanosaurus]
Othnielosaurus Galton, 2006 [PSS –> Nanosaurus]
Otogosaurus Zhao X. & Tan L., 2004 [citation not yet seen, authors’ names may change]
Ouranosaurus Taquet, 1976
Overosaurus Coria, Filippi, Chiappe, R. A. García (as R. García) & Arcucci, 1213
Oviraptor Osborn, 1924
Ovoraptor Osborn, 1924 [nomen nudum –> Velociraptor]
Owenodon Galton, 2009
Oxalaia Kellner, Azevedo, Machado, L. B. Carvalho & Henriques, 2011
Ozraptor J. A. Long & Molnar, 1998
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Pachycephalosaurus B. Brown & Schlaikjer, 1943
Pachyrhinosaurus C. M. Sternberg, 1950
Pachysauriscus Kuhn, 1959 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Plateosaurus]
Pachysaurops von Huene, 1961 (not 1959) [JOS –> Pachysauriscus]
Pachysaurus von Huene, 1908/Fitzinger, 1843 –> Pachysauriscus
Pachyspondylus Owen, 1854 [JSS –> Massospondylus]
Padillasaurus Carballido, Pol, Parra Ruge, Padilla Bernal, Páramo-Fonseca & Etayo-Serna, 2015
Pakisaurus Malkani, 2006
Palaeoctonus Cope, 1877* [nomen dubium; phytosaur]
Palaeocursornis Kessler & Jurcsák, 1986* [probable bird]
Palaeolimnornis Jurcsák & Kessler, 1985* [nomen nudum –> Palaeocursornis; probable bird]
Palaeopteryx Jensen, 1981
Palaeosauriscus Kuhn, 1959* [JOS –> Paleosaurus; non-dinosaurian archosaur]
Palaeosaurus Fitzinger, 1840/Geoffroy Saint-Hilare, 1833* –> Sphenosaurus [procolophonid]
Palaeosaurus Riley & Stutchbury, 1836/Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1833* –> Paleosaurus [non-dinosaurian archosaur]
Palaeoscincus Leidy, 1856 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Edmontonia or Panoplosaurus]
Paleosaurus Riley & Stutchbury, 1840* [nomen dubium; non-dinosaurian archosaur]
Paludititan Csiki, Codrea, Jipa-Murzea & Godefroit, 2010
Paluxysaurus Rose, 2007 [electronic publication but here considered valid; PSS –> Sauroposeidon]
Pampadromaeus Furtado Cabreira (as S. F. Cabreira), Schultz, de Souza Bittencourt (as J. S. Bittencourt), M. B. Soares, Fortier, L. R. da Silva (as L. R. Silva) & Cardoso Langer (as M. C. Langer), 2011
Pamparaptor Porfiri, J. Calvo & D. Dos Santos, 2011
Panamericansaurus J. Calvo & Porfiri, 2010
Pandoravenator Rauhut & Pol, 2017
Panguraptor You, Azuma, Wang T., Wang Y. & Dong, 2014
Panoplosaurus Lambe, 1919
Panphagia R. N. Martínez & Alcober, 2009 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Pantydraco Galton, Yates & Kermack, 2007
Paraiguanodon B. Brown vide Olshevsky, 1991 [nomen nudum –> Bactrosaurus]
Paralititan J. B. Smith, Lamanna, Lacovara, Dodson, J. R. Smith, Poole, Giegengack & Attia, 2001
Paranthodon Nopcsa, 1929
Pararhabdodon Casanovas-Cladellas, Santafé-Llopis & Isidro-Llorens, 1993
Parasaurolophus Parks, 1922
Pareiasaurus Owen, 1876* [non-dinosaurian reptile]
Pareisactus Párraga & Prieto-Márquez, 2019 [electronic publication but here considered valid]

Parksosaurus C. M. Sternberg, 1937
Paronychodon Cope, 1876 [nomen dubium]
Parrosaurus Gilmore, 1945 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Hypsibema]
Parvicursor Karhu & Rautian, 1996
Patagonykus Novas, 1996
Patagosaurus Bonaparte, 1979
Patagotitan Carballido, Pol, Otero, Cerda, Salgado, Garrido, Ramezani, Cúneo & J. Krause, 2017
Patricosaurus Seeley, 1887* [lepidosaur/archosaur chimera]
Pawpawsaurus Lee Y. N., 1996
Pectinodon Carpenter, 1982
Pedopenna Xu X. & Zhang F., 2005
Pegomastax Sereno, 2012
Peishansaurus Bohlin, 1953 [nomen dubium]
Pekinosaurus Hunt & S. Lucas, 1994* [non-dinosaurian archosaur; PSS –> Revueltosaurus]
Pelecanimimus Perez-Moreno, Sanz, Buscalioni, Moratalla, F. Ortega & Rasskin-Gutman, 1994
Pellegrinisaurus Salgado, 1996
Peloroplites Carpenter, Bartlett, Bird & Barrick, 2008
Pelorosaurus Mantell, 1850
Peltosaurus B. Brown vide Chure & McIntosh, 1989 (see also Glut, 1972)/Cope, 1873 –> Sauropelta
Penelopognathus Godefroit, Li Hong & Shang C. Y., 2005
Pentaceratops Osborn, 1923
Petrobrasaurus Filippi, Canudo, Salgado, Garrido, R. A. García (as R. García), Cerda & Otero, 2011 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Phaedrolosaurus Dong, 1973
Philovenator Xu X., Zhao Q., C. Sullivan, Tan Q., Sander & Ma, 2012
Phuwiangosaurus V. Martin, Buffetaut & V. Suteethorn, 1994
Phuwiangvenator Samathi, Chanthasit & Sander, 2019

Phyllodon Thulborn, 1973
Piatnitzkysaurus Bonaparte, 1979
Picrodon Seeley, 1898* [nomen dubium; PSS –> Avalonianus; non-dinosaurian archosaur]
Pilmatueia Coria, Windholz, Ortega & P. Currie, 2018
Pinacosaurus Gilmore, 1933
Pisanosaurus Casamiquela, 1967
Pitekunsaurus Filippi & Garrido, 2008
Piveteausaurus Taquet & Welles, 1977
Planicoxa DiCroce & Carpenter, 2001
Plateosauravus von Huene, 1932 [JSS –> Euskelosaurus]
Plateosaurus von Meyer, 1837
Platyceratops Alifanov, 2003 [PSS –> Bagaceratops (growth stage?)]

Platypelta Penkalski, 2018
Plesiohadros Tsogtbaatar K., Weishampel, Evans & Watabe, 2014
Pleurocoelus Marsh, 1888
Pleuropeltus Seeley, 1881 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Struthiosaurus]
Pneumatoarthrus Cope, 1870* [nomen dubium; marine turtle]
Pneumatoraptor Ösi, Apesteguía & Kowalewski, 2010
Podischion B. Brown & Kaisen, 1911 vide Dingus & Norell, 2010 [nomen nudum –> Hypacrosaurus?]
Podokesaurus Talbot, 1911 [JSS –> Coelophysis]
Poekilopleuron Eudes-Deslongchamps, 1838
Polacanthoides Nopcsa, 1928 [PSS –> Hylaeosaurus]
Polacanthus Owen vide [Anonymous] 1865
Polyodontosaurus Gilmore, 1932 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Latenivenatrix, Stenonychosaurus, Troodon]
Polyonax Cope, 1874 [JSS –> Triceratops]
Ponerosteus Olshevsky, 2000 [nomen dubium]
Poposaurus Mehl, 1915* [poposaurian archosaur]

Postosuchus Chatterjee, 1985* [rauisuchian archosaur]
Powellvenator Ezcurra, 2017
Pradhania Kutty, Chatterjee, Galton & Upchurch, 2007
Prenocephale Maryanska & Osmólska, 1974
Prenoceratops Chinnery, 2004
Priconodon Marsh, 1888 [nomen dubium]
Priodontognathus Seeley, 1875 [nomen dubium]
Proa McDonald, Espílez, Mampel, Kirkland & Alcalá, 2012
Probactrosaurus Rozhdestvensky, 1966
“Probarodiplodocus” Fuller, 2009 [nomen nudum]
Probrachylophosaurus Freeman Fowler & Horner, 2015
Proceratops Lull, 1906 [JOS –> Ceratops]
Proceratosaurus von Huene, 1926
Procerosaurus von Huene, 1902* [prolacertiform reptile; PSS –> Tanystropheus]
Procerosaurus Fritsch, 1905/von Huene, 1902 –> Ponerosteus
Procheneosaurus Matthew, 1920 [JSS –> Lambeosaurus]
Procompsognathus E. Fraas, 1913
Prodeinodon Osborn, 1924 [nomen dubium]
Proiguanodon van den Broeck, 1900 [nomen nudum –> Iguanodon]
Propanoplosaurus Stanford, Weishampel & Deleon, 2011
Proplanicoxa Carpenter & Ishida, 2010 [PSS –> Mantellisaurus]
Prosaurolophus B. Brown, 1916
Protarchaeopteryx Ji Q. & Ji S., 1997
Protecovasaurus Heckert, 2004* [non-dinosaurian archosaur]
Protiguanodon Osborn, 1923 [JSS –> Psittacosaurus]
Protoavis Chatterjee, 1991
Protoceratops Granger & Gregory, 1923
Protognathosaurus Olshevsky, 1991
Protognathus Zhang Y. H., 1988/Basilewsky, 1950 –> Protognathosaurus
Protohadros Head, 1998
Protorosaurus von Meyer, 1830* [non-dinosaurian reptile]
Protorosaurus Lambe, 1914/von Meyer, 1830 –> Chasmosaurus
Protrachodon Nopcsa, 1923 [nomen nudum –> Orthomerus]
Proyandusaurus Knoll, 1999
Pseudolagosuchus Arcucci, 1987
Psittacosaurus Osborn, 1923
Pteropelyx Cope, 1889 [nomen dubium]
Pterospondylus Jaekel, 1913 [PSS –> Procompsognathus]
Puertasaurus Novas, Salgado, J. Calvo & Agnolín, 2005
Pukyongosaurus Dong, Paik & H. J. Kim, 2001
Pulanesaura McPhee, Bonnan, Yates, Neveling & Choiniere, 2015
Pycnonemosaurus Kellner & Campos, 2002
Pyroraptor Allain & Taquet, 2000
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Qantassaurus T. Rich & Vickers-Rich, 1999
Qianzhousaurus Lü, Yi, Brusatte, Yang L., Li Hua, & Chen L., 2014
Qiaowanlong You & Li D. Q., 2009
Qijianglong Xing L., Miyashita, Zhang J. P., Li D. Q., Ye, Sekiya, Wang F. & P. Currie, 2015
Qingxiusaurus Mo, Huang C., Zhao Z., Wang W. & Xu X., 2008
Qinlingosaurus Xue, Zhang Y. X., Bi, Yue & Chen D., 1996
Qiupalong Xu L., Kobayashi, Lü, Lee Y. N., Liu Y. Q., Tanaka, Zhang X. L., Jia S. & Zhang J. M., 2011 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Qiupanykus Lü, Xu L., Chang H., Jia S., Zhang J. M., Gao D., Zhang Y., Zhang C. & Ding F., 2018
Quaesitosaurus Bannikov & Kurzanov vide Kurzanov & Bannikov, 1983
Quetecsaurus González-Riga (as González Riga) & David, 2014
Quilmesaurus Coria, 2001
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Rachitrema Sauvage, 1882* [nomen dubium; probable ichthyosaur]
Rahiolisaurus Novas, Chatterjee, Rudra & Datta, 2010
Rahona Forster, Sampson, Chiappe & D. Krause, 1998/Griveaud, 1975 –> Rahonavis
Rahonavis Forster, Sampson, Chiappe & D. Krause, 1998
Rajasaurus J. A. Wilson, Sereno, Srivastava, Bhatt, Khosla & Sahni, 2003
Rapator von Huene, 1932 [nomen dubium]
Rapetosaurus Curry Rogers & Forster, 2001
Raptorex Sereno, Tan L., Brusatte, Kriegstein, Zhao X. & Cloward, 2009 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Ratchasimasaurus Shibata, Jintasakul & Azuma, 2011
Rativates McFeeters, Ryan, Schröder-Adams & Cullen, 2016
Rayososaurus Bonaparte, 1996
Razanandrongobe Maganuco, Dal Sasso & Pasini, 2006* [notosuchian crocodyliform]
Rebbachisaurus Lavocat, 1954
Regaliceratops C. Brown & Henderson, 2015 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Regnosaurus Mantell, 1848
Revueltoraptor Hunt, 1994 vide Nesbitt, Irmis & Parker, 2007 [nomen ex dissertatione –> Gojirasaurus]
Revueltosaurus Hunt, 1989* [non-dinosaurian archosaur]
Rhabdodon Matheron, 1869
Rhadinosaurus Seeley, 1881 [nomen dubium]
Rhinorex Gates & Scheetz, 2014
Rhodanosaurus Nopcsa, 1929 [JSS –> Struthiosaurus]
Rhoetosaurus Longman, 1926
Rhopalodon Fischer von Waldheim, 1841* [therapsid]
Riabininohadros Ulansky, 2015
Ricardoestesia P. Currie, Rigby & R. E. Sloan, 1990
Rileya von Huene, 1902/Ashmead, 1888 –> Rileyasuchus [nomen dubium]
Rileyasuchus Kuhn, 1961 [nomen dubium]
Rinchenia Barsbold, 1997 vide Osmólska, P. Currie & Barsbold, 2004
Rinconsaurus J. Calvo & González-Riga (as González Riga), 2003
Rioarribasaurus Hunt & S. Lucas, 1991 [nomen rejectum –> Coelophysis]
Riojasaurus Bonaparte, 1969
Riojasuchus Bonaparte, 1969* [ornithosuchid archosaur]
Rocasaurus Salgado & Azpilicueta, 2000
Roccosaurus van Heerden vide Anderson & Cruickshank, 1978 [nomen nudum –> Melanorosaurus]
Rubeosaurus McDonald & Horner, 2010
Ruehleia Galton, 2001
Rugocaudia Woodruff, 2012
Rugops Sereno, J. A. Wilson & Conrad, 2004
Rukwatitan Gorscak, P. M. O’Connor, Stevens & Roberts, 2014
Rutellum Lhuyd, 1699 [nomen oblitum; pre-Linnaean name: cf. Delair & Sarjeant, 2002]
Ruyangosaurus Lü, Xu L., Jia S., Zhang X. L., Zhang J. M., Yang L., You & Ji Q., 2009
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Sacisaurus Ferigolo & Langer, 2006
Sahaliyania Godefroit, Hai, Yu T. & Lauters, 2008
Saichania Maryanska, 1977
Saldamosaurus Ulansky, 2014
“Salimosaurus” Maier, 2003 [nomen nudum –> Giraffatitan]
Saltasaurus Bonaparte & J. E. Powell, 1980
Saltillomimus Aguillón Martínez, 2010 [nomen ex dissertatione; in press 2014]
Saltopus von Huene, 1910
“Saltriosaurus” Dal Sasso, 2000 [nomen nudum –> Saltriovenator]
Saltriovenator Dal Sasso, Maganuco & Cau, 2018
“Sanchusaurus” Hisa, 1985 [nomen nudum –> Gallimimus]
Sangonghesaurus Zhao X., 1983 [nomen nudum –> Tianchisaurus]
Sanjuansaurus Alcober & R. N. Martínez, 2010
Sanpasaurus Yang Z. J. (as Young C. C.), 1944 [nomen dubium]
Santanaraptor Kellner, 1999
Sarahsaurus Rowe, Sues & Reisz, 2010
Saraikimasoom Malkani, 2014
Sarcolestes Lydekker, 1893
Sarcosaurus Andrews, 1921
Sarmientosaurus R. D. Martínez (as R. D. F. Martínez), Lamanna, Novas, Ridgely, Casal, J. E. Martínez, Vita & Witmer, 2016
Saturnalia Langer, Abdala, Richter & Benton, 1999
Sauraechmodon Falconer, 1861 [nomen nudum –> Echinodon]
Saurolophus B. Brown, 1912
Sauroniops Cau, Dalla Vecchia & Fabbri, 2012
Sauropelta Ostrom, 1970
Saurophaganax Chure, 1995
Saurophagus Stovall vide Ray, 1941/Swainson 1831
Sauroplites Bohlin, 1953 [nomen dubium]
Sauroposeidon Wedel, Cifelli & Sanders, 2000
Saurornithoides Osborn, 1924
Saurornitholestes Sues, 1978
Savannasaurus Poropat, Mannion, Upchurch, Hocknull, Kear, Kundrát, Tischler, T. Sloan, Sinapius, J. Elliott & D. Elliott, 2016
Scansoriopteryx Czerkas & Yuan, 2002
Scaphonyx Woodward, 1908* [rhynchosaur]
Scelidosaurus Owen, 1859
Scipionyx Dal Sasso & Signore, 1998
Sciurumimus Rauhut, Foth, Tischlinger & Norell, 2012
Scleromochlus Woodward, 1907* [non-dinosaurian archosaur]
Scolosaurus Nopcsa, 1928
Scrotum Brookes, 1763 [nomen oblitum; PSS –> Megalosaurus]
Scutellosaurus Colbert, 1981
Secernosaurus Brett-Surman, 1979
Sefapanosaurus Otero, Krupandan, Pol, Chinsamy & Choiniere, 2015
Segisaurus Camp, 1936
Segnosaurus Perle, 1979
Seismosaurus Gillette, 1991
Seitaad Sertich & Loewen, 2010 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Sektensaurus Ibiricu, Casal, R. D. Martínez, Luna, Canale, Álvarez & González-Riga, 2019

“Selimanosaurus” Maier, 2003 [nomen nudum –> Dicraeosaurus]
Sellacoxa Carpenter & Ishida, 2010
Sellosaurus von Huene, 1908
Serendipaceratops T. Rich & Vickers-Rich, 2003
Serikornis Lefèvre, Cau, Cincotta, Hu D., Chinsamy, Escuillié & Godefroit, 2017 [possible bird]
Shamosaurus Tumanova, 1983
Shanag Turner, Hwang & Norell, 2007
Shanshanosaurus Dong, 1977 [JSS –> Tarbosaurus]
Shantungosaurus Hu C., 1973
Shanxia Barrett, You, Upchurch & Burton, 1998 [PSS –> Saichania]
Shanyangosaurus Xue, Zhang Y. X., Bi, Yue & Chen D., 1996
Shaochilong Brusatte, Benson, Chure, Xu X., C. Sullivan & Hone, 2009
Shenzhouraptor Ji Q., Ji S., You, Zhang J. P., Yuan, Ji X., Li J. L. & Li Y. X., 2002 [possible bird]
Shenzhousaurus Ji Q., Norell, Makovicky, Gao K., Ji S. & Yuan, 2003
Shidaisaurus Wu X., P. Currie, Dong, Pan S. & Wang T., 2009
Shingopana Gorscak, P. M. O’Connor, Roberts & Stevens, 2017
Shixinggia Lü & Zhang B., 2005
Shuangbaisaurus Wang G. F., You, Pan S. & Wang T., 2017
Shuangmiaosaurus You, Ji Q., Li J. L. & Li Y. X., 2003
Shunosaurus Dong, Zhou S. & Zhang Y. H., 1983
Shuvosaurus Chatterjee, 1993* [poposaurian archosaur]

Shuvuuia Chiappe, Norell & J. Clark, 1998
Siamodon Buffetaut & V. Suteethorn, 2011
Siamodracon Ulansky, 2014
Siamosaurus Buffetaut & Ingavat, 1986
Siamotyrannus Buffetaut, V. Suteethorn & Tong, 1996
Siats Zanno & Makovicky, 2013
Sibirotitan Averianov, Ivantsov, Skutschas, Faingertz & Leshchinskiy, 2017
Sigilmassasaurus D. A. Russell, 1996
Silesaurus Dzik, 2003
Siluosaurus Dong, 1997 [nomen dubium]
Silvisaurus Eaton, 1960
Similicaudipteryx He T., Wang X. L. & Zhou Z., 2008
Sinocalliopteryx Ji S., Ji Q., Lü & Yuan, 2007
Sinoceratops Xu X., Wang K., Zhao X. & Li D. J., 2010
Sinocoelurus Yang Z. J. (as Young C. C.), 1942
“Sinopelta” Ulansky, 2014 [nomen nudum; in taxonomic list; self-published, freely available online]/Xue & Zhang, 1996 –> Sinopeltosaurus
Sinopeltosaurus Ulansky, 2014
Sinornithoides D. A. Russell & Dong, 1994 (not 1993)
Sinornithomimus Kobayashi & Lü, 2003
Sinornithosaurus Xu X., Wang X. L. & Wu X., 1999
Sinosauropteryx Ji Q. & Ji S., 1996
Sinosaurus Yang Z. J. (as Young C. C.), 1948
Sinotyrannus Ji Q., Ji S. & Zhang L., 2009
Sinovenator Xu X., Norell, Wang X. L., Makovicky & Wu X., 2002
Sinraptor P. Currie & Zhao X., 1994 (not 1993)
Sinucerasaurus Xu X. & Wang X. L., 2004 vide Xu X. & Norell, 2006 [JOS –> Sinusonasus]
Sinusonasus Xu X. & Wang X. L., 2004
Sirindhorna Shibata, Jintasakul, Azuma & You, 2015
Skorpiovenator Canale, Scanferla, Agnolín & Novas, 2008
Smilodon Plieninger, 1846/P. W. Lund, 1842* –> Zanclodon [non-dinosaurian archosaur]
Sonidosaurus Xu X., Zhang X. H., Tan Q., Zhao X. & Tan L., 2006
Sonorasaurus Ratkevich, 1998
Soriatitan Royo-Torres, Fuentes Vidarte (as Fuentes), Meijide Calvo (as Meijide), F. Meijide-Fuentes & M. Meijide-Fuentes, 2017
Soumyasaurus Sangül, Agnolín & Chatterjee, 2018
Sphaerotholus Williamson & Carr, 2003 [PSS –> Prenocephale]
Sphenosaurus von Meyer, 1847* [procolophonid]
Sphenospondylus Seeley, 1882 [JSS –> Iguanodon]
Spiclypeus Mallon, Ott, P. Larson, Iuliano & Evans, 2016 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Spinophorosaurus Remes, F. Ortega, Fierro, U. Joger, Kosma, Marín Ferrer, Chiappe, Dantas, Escaso, Gasulla, López, Pomares, B. Ribeiro, Sanz, Tent-Manclús, Faust, H. Joger, J. Joger, Krüger, Mudroch, Rabe, Ritter, Sommer, Ide & Maga, 2009 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Spinops Farke, Ryan, Barrett, Tanke, Braman, Loewen & Graham, 2011
Spinosaurus Stromer, 1915
Spinostropheus Sereno, J. A. Wilson & Conrad, 2004
Spinosuchus von Huene, 1932* [non-dinosaurian reptile]
Spondylosoma von Huene, 1942* [rauisuchian]
Squalodon Grateloup, 1840* [cetacean]
Staurikosaurus Colbert, 1970
Stegoceras Lambe, 1902
Stegopelta Williston, 1905 [PSS –> Nodosaurus]
Stegosaurides Bohlin, 1953 [nomen dubium]
Stegosaurus Marsh, 1877
Stenonychosaurus C. M. Sternberg, 1932 [PSS –> Polyodontosaurus, Troodon]
Stenopelix von Meyer, 1857
Stenotholus Giffin, Gabriel & Johnson, 1988 [JSS –> Stygimoloch]
Stephanosaurus Lambe, 1914 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Lambeosaurus]
Stereocephalus Lambe, 1902/Lynch Arribalzaga, 1884 –> Euoplocephalus
Stereosaurus Seeley, 1869* [nomen nudum; probable plesiosaur]
Sterrholophus Marsh, 1891 [JSS –> Triceratops]
Stokesosaurus J. H. Madsen, 1974
Stormbergia R. J. Butler, 2005
Strenusaurus Bonaparte, 1969 [JSS –> Riojasaurus]
Streptospondylus von Meyer, 1830 [nomen dubium]
Struthiomimus Osborn, 1916
Struthiosaurus Bunzel, 1870
Stygimoloch Galton & Sues, 1983 [PSS –> Pachycephalosaurus]
Stygivenator Olshevsky vide Olshevsky, Ford & Yamamoto, 1995 [JSS –> Tyrannosaurus]
Styracosaurus Lambe, 1913
Succinodon von Huene, 1941* [mollusc borings]
Suchomimus Sereno, Beck, Dutheil, Gado, Larsson, Lyon, Marcot, Rauhut, Sadleir, Sidor, Varricchio, G. P. Wilson & J. A. Wilson, 1998
Suchoprion Cope, 1877* [nomen dubium; phytosaur]
Suchosaurus Owen, 1841 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Baryonyx]
“Suciasaurus” Troll, 2015 [nomen nudum; PSS –> Daspletosaurus; on various Burke Museum products]

“Sugiyamasaurus” Lambert, 1990 [nomen nudum –> Fukuititan (possibly)]
Sulaimanisaurus Malkani, 2006
Supersaurus Jensen, 1985
Suskityrannus Nesbitt, Denton, Loewen, Brusatte, N. D. Smith, Turner, Kirkland, McDonald & Wolfe, 2019

Suuwassea Harris & Dodson, 2004
Suzhousaurus Li D. Q., Peng C., You, Lamanna, Harris, Lacovara & Zhang J. P., 2007
Symphyrophus Cope, 1878 [JSS –> Camptosaurus]
Syngonosaurus Seeley, 1879 [nomen dubium]
Syntarsus Raath, 1969/Fairmaire, 1869 –> Megapnosaurus
Syrmosaurus Maleev, 1952 [JSS –> Pinacosaurus]
Szechuanoraptor Chure, 2001 [nomen ex dissertatione]
Szechuanosaurus Yang Z. J. (as Young C. C.), 1942 [nomen dubium]
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Tachiraptor Langer, Rincón, Ramezani, Solórzano & Rauhut, 2014
Talarurus Maleev, 1952
Talenkauen Novas, Cambiaso & Ambrosio, 2004
Talos Zanno, Varricchio, P. M. O’Connor, Titus & Knell, 2011 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Tambatitanis Saegusa & Ikeda, 2014
Tangvayosaurus Allain, Taquet, Battail, Dejax, Richir, Véran, Limon-Duparcmeur, Vacant, Mateus, Sayarath, Khenthavong & Phouyavong, 1999
Tanius Wiman, 1929
Tanycolagreus Carpenter, C. A. Miles & Cloward, 2005
Tanystropheus von Meyer, 1855* [prolacertiform reptile]
Tanystrosuchus Kuhn, 1963 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Halticosaurus or Liliensternus]
Taohelong Yang J. T., You, Li D. Q. & Kong, 2013
Tapinocephalus Owen, 1876* [therapsid]
Tapuiasaurus Zaher, Pol, A. B. Carvalho, Nascimento, Riccomini, P. Larson, Juarez-Valieri, Pires-Domingues, N. J. da Silva & Campos, 2011 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Tarascosaurus Le Loeuff & Buffetaut, 1991
Tarbosaurus Maleev, 1955
Tarchia Maryanska, 1977
Tastavinsaurus Canudo, Royo-Torres & Cuenca-Bescós, 2008
Tatankacephalus W. L. Parsons & K. M. Parsons, 2009
Tatankaceratops Ott & P. Larson, 2010 [PSS –> Triceratops]
Tataouinea Fanti, Cau, Hassine & Contessi, 2013
Tatisaurus Simmons, 1965
Taurovenator Motta, Aranciaga Rolando, Rozadilla, Agnolín, Chimento, Brissón Egli & Novas, 2016
Taveirosaurus Telles Antunes & Sigogneau-Russell, 1991
Tawa Nesbitt, N. D. Smith, Irmis, Turner, A. Downs & Norell, 2009
Tawasaurus Yang Z. J., 1982
Tazoudasaurus Allain, Aquesbi, Dejax, C. Meyer, Monbaron, Montenat, Richir, Rochdy, D. A. Russell & Taquet, 2004
Technosaurus Chatterjee, 1984
Tecovasaurus Hunt & S. Lucas, 1994* [non-dinosaurian archosaur]
Tehuelchesaurus T. Rich, Vickers-Rich, Gimenez, Cúneo, Puerta & Vacca, 1999
Teihivenator Yun, 2017
Teinurosaurus Nopcsa, 1928 vide Nopcsa, 1929 [nomen dubium]
Teleocrater Nesbitt, R. J. Butler, Ezcurra, Barrett, Stocker, Angielczyk, R. M. H. Smith, Sidor, Niedzwiedzki, Sennikov & Charig, 2017 [formerly Teleocrater Charig, 1956* nomen nudum; non-dinosaurian archosaur]
Telmatosaurus Nopcsa, 1903
Tenantosaurus B. Brown vide Chure & McIntosh, 1989 [nomen nudum –> Tenontosaurus]
Tendaguria Bonaparte, Heinrich & Wild, 2000
Tengrisaurus Averianov & Skutschas, 2017
Tenontosaurus Ostrom, 1970
Teratophoneus Carr, Williamson, Britt & Stadtman, 2011
Teratosaurus von Meyer, 1861* [teratosaurid archosaur]
Termatosaurus von Meyer & Plieninger, 1844* [nomen dubium; phytosaur]
Tethyshadros Dalla Vecchia, 2009
Tetragonosaurus Parks, 1931 [nomen rejectum –> Procheneosaurus]
Texacephale Longrich, Sankey & Tanke, 2010
Texasetes Coombs, 1995
Teyuwasu Kischlat, 1999
Thanos Delcourt & Vidoi Iori, 2018
Thecocoelurus von Huene, 1923 [nomen dubium]
Thecodontosaurus Riley & Stutchbury, 1836
Thecospondylus Seeley, 1882 [nomen dubium]
Theiophytalia Brill & Carpenter, 2006
Therizinosaurus Maleev, 1954
Therosaurus Fitzinger, 1840 [JOS –> Iguanodon]
Thescelosaurus Gilmore, 1913
Thespesius Leidy, 1856 [nomen dubium]
Thotobolosaurus Ellenberger, 1972 [nomen nudum]
Tianchisaurus Dong, 1993 [nomen dubium]
Tianchungosaurus Zhao X., 1983 [nomen nudum]
Tiantaisaurus Dong, Chen K. & Jiang Y., 2007 [nomen manuscriptum]
Tianyulong Zheng X., You, Xu X. & Dong, 2009
Tianyuraptor Zheng X., Xu X., You, Zhao Q. & Dong, 2009
Tianzhenosaurus Pang & Cheng Z., 1998
Tichosteus Cope, 1877 [nomen dubium]
Tienshanosaurus Yang Z. J. (as Young C. C.), 1937
Timimus T. Rich & Vickers-Rich, 1994
Timurlengia Brusatte, Averianov, Sues, Muir & I. B. Butler, 2016
Titanoceratops Longrich, 2010 [electronic publication but here considered valid; PSS –> Pentaceratops]
Titanosaurus Lydekker, 1877 [nomen dubium]
Titanosaurus Marsh, 1877/Lydekker, 1877 –> Atlantosaurus [nomen dubium]
Tochisaurus Kurzanov & Osmólska, 1991
Tomodon Leidy, 1865/Dumeril 1853 –> Diplotomodon
Tonganosaurus Li K., Yang C., Liu J. & Wang Z., 2010
Tongtianlong Lü, Chen R,, Brusatte, Zhu & Shen, 2016
Tonouchisaurus Barsbold, 1994 [nomen nudum]
Torilion Carpenter & Ishida, 2010 [JOS –> Barilium]
Tornieria Sternfeld, 1911
Torosaurus Marsh, 1891 [PSS –> Triceratops]
Torvosaurus Galton & Jensen, 1979
Tototlmimus Serrano Brañas (as Serrano-Brañas), Torres-Rodríguez, Reyes-Luna, González-Ramírez & González-León, 2015 (not 2016)
Trachodon Leidy, 1856 [nomen dubium]
Tratayenia Porfir, Juarez-Valieri (as Juárez Valieri), D. Santos & Lamanna, 2018
Traukutitan Juarez-Valieri (as Juárez Valieri) & J. Calvo, 2010 [nomen manuscriptum; in accepted manuscript published online]
Trialestes Bonaparte, 1982* [crocodilian]
Triassolestes Reig, 1963/Tillyard, 1918* –> Trialestes [crocodilian]
Tribelesodon Bassani, 1886* [JSS –> Tanystropheus; prolacertiform reptile]
Triceratops Marsh, 1889
Trigonosaurus Campos, Kellner, Bertini & Santucci, 2005
Trimucrodon Thulborn, 1973
Trinisaura Coria, Moly, Reguero, Santillana & Marenssi, 2013
Triunfosaurus de Souza Carvalho, Salgado, Lindoso, de Araújo-Júnior, Costa Nogueira & J. A. Soares, 2017
Troodon Leidy, 1856 [nomen dubium; PSS –> Latenivenatrix, Polyodontosaurus, Stenonychosaurus]
Tsaagan Norell, J. Clark, Turner, Makovicky, Barsbold & Rowe, 2006
Tsagantegia Tumanova, 1993
Tsintaosaurus Yang Z. J. (as Young C. C.), 1958
Tugulusaurus Dong, 1973
Tuojiangosaurus Dong, Li X. M., Zhou S. & Zhang Y. H., 1977
Turanoceratops Nessov & Kaznyshkina vide Nessov, Kaznyshkina & Cherepanov, 1989
Turiasaurus Royo-Torres, Cobos & Alcalá, 2006
Tylocephale Maryanska & Osmólska, 1974
Tylosteus Leidy, 1872 [nomen oblitum; SSS –> Pachycephalosaurus]
Tyrannosaurus Osborn, 1905
Tyrannotitan Novas, de Valais, Vickers-Rich & T. Rich, 2005
Tyreophorus von Huene, 1929 [nomen nudum]
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Uberabatitan Salgado & de Souza Carvalho (as I. S. Carvalho), 2008
Udanoceratops Kurzanov, 1992
Ugrosaurus Cobabe & Fastovsky, 1987 [JSS –> Triceratops]
Ugrunaaluk Mori, Druckenmiller & Erickson, 2015
Uintasaurus Holland, 1919 [JSS –> Camarasaurus]
Ultrasauros Jensen vide Olshevsky, 1991 [JSS –> Supersaurus]
Ultrasaurus H. M. Kim, 1983 [nomen dubium]
Ultrasaurus Jensen, 1985/H. M. Kim , 1983 –> Ultrasauros
Umarsaurus Maryanska & Osmólska, 1981 vide Olshevsky, 1992 [nomen nudum –> Barsboldia]
Unaysaurus Leal, Azevedo, Kellner & Da Rosa, 2004
Unenlagia Novas & Puerta, 1997
Unescoceratops Ryan, Evans, P. Currie, C. Brown & Brinkman, 2011 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Unicerosaurus Baugh vide Armstrong, 1987* [nomen nudum; fish]
Unquillosaurus J. E. Powell, 1979
Urbacodon Averianov & Sues, 2007
Utahceratops Sampson, Loewen, Farke, Roberts, Forster, J. A. Smith & Titus, 2010
Utahraptor Kirkland, Burge & Gaston, 1993
Uteodon McDonald, 2011 [PSS –> Camptosaurus]
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Vagaceratops Sampson, Loewen, Farke, Roberts, Forster, J. A. Smith & Titus, 2010
Vahiny Curry Rogers & J. A. Wilson, 2014
Valdoraptor Olshevsky, 1991
Valdosaurus Galton, 1977
Variraptor Le Loeuff & Buffetaut, 1998
Vayuraptor Samathi, Chanthasit & Sander, 2019

Vectensia Delair, 1982 [nomen nudum –> Hylaeosaurus]
Vectisaurus Hulke, 1879 [JSS –> Iguanodon]
Velafrons Gates, Sampson, Delgado de Jesús, Zanno, Eberth, Hernández-Rivera, Aguillón Martínez & Kirkland, 2007
Velocipes von Huene, 1932 [nomen dubium]
Velociraptor Osborn, 1924
Velocisaurus Bonaparte, 1991
Venaticosuchus Bonaparte, 1971* [ornithosuchid archosaur]
Venenosaurus Tidwell, Carpenter & S. Meyer, 2001
Veterupristisaurus Rauhut, 2011
Viavenator Filippi, Méndez, Juarez-Valieri (as Juárez Valieri) & Garrido, 2016
Vitakridrinda Malkani, 2006
Vitakrisaurus Malkani, 2010
Volgatitan Averianov & Efimov, 2018
Volkheimeria Bonaparte, 1979
Vouivria Mannion, Allain & Moine, 2017
Vulcanodon Raath, 1972
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Wadhurstia Carpenter & Ishida, 2010 [JOS –> Hypselospinus]
Wakinosaurus Okazaki, 1992 [nomen dubium]
Walgettosuchus von Huene, 1932 [nomen dubium]
Walkeria Chatterjee, 1987/Fleming, 1823 –> Alwalkeria
Walkersaurus Welles, H. P. Powell & Pickering vide Pickering, 1995 [nomen nudum –> Duriavenator]
Wamweracaudia Mannion, Upchurch, Schwarz & Wings, 2019

“Wangonisaurus” Maier, 2003 [nomen nudum –> Giraffatitan]
Wannanosaurus Hou, 1977
Weewarrasaurus Bell, Herne, Brougham & E. Smith, 2018
Wellnhoferia Elzanowski, 2001* [bird]
Wendiceratops Evans & Ryan, 2015
Wiehenvenator Rauhut, Hübner & Lanser, 2016
Willinakaqe Juárez Valieri, Haro, Fiorelli & J. Calvo, 2011 (not 2010)
Wintonotitan Hocknull, White, Tischler, Cook, Calleja, T. Sloan & D. Elliott, 2009 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Wuerhosaurus Dong, 1973 [PSS –> Stegosaurus]
Wulagasaurus Godefroit, Hai, Yu T. & Lauters, 2008
Wulatelong Xu X., Tan Q., Wang S., C. Sullivan, Hone, Han S., Ma, Tan L. & Xiao, 2013
Wyleyia Harrison & C. A. Walker, 1973* [enantiornithan bird]
Wyomingraptor [Anonymous] 1997 [nomen nudum –> Allosaurus]
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Xenoceratops Ryan, Evans & Shepherd, 2012
Xenoposeidon Taylor & Naish, 2007
Xenotarsosaurus R. D. Martínez, Gimenez, Rodriguez & Bochatey, 1986
Xianshanosaurus Lü, Xu L., Jiang X., Jia S., Li M., Yuan, Zhang X. L. & Ji Q., 2009
Xiaosaurus Dong & Tang Z., 1983
Xiaotingia Xu X., You, Du K. & Han F., 2011 [possible bird]
Xinghesaurus Hasegawa, Carpenter, Lamanna & Xu X., 2009 [nomen nudum; in Japanese guidebook Dinosaur Expo 2009: The Miracle of Deserts]
Xingtianosaurus Qiu, Wang X. L., Wang Q., Li N., Zhang J. L. & Ma, 2019

Xingxiulong Wang Y., You & Wang T., 2017
Xinjiangovenator Rauhut & Xu X., 2005
Xinjiangtitan Wu W. H.. Zhou C., Wings, Sekiya & Dong, 2013
Xiongguanlong Li D. Q., Norell, Gao K., N. D. Smith & Makovicky, 2009
Xixianykus Xu X., Wang D., C. Sullivan, Hone, Han F., Yan & Du F., 2010
Xixiasaurus Lü, Xu L., Liu Y. Q., Zhang X. L., Jia S. & Ji Q., 2010
Xixiposaurus Sekiya, 2010
Xiyunykus Xu X., Choiniere, Tan Q., Benson, J. Clark, C. Sullivan, Zhao Q., Han F., Ma Q., He Y., Wang S., Xing H. & Tan L., 2018
Xuanhanosaurus Dong, 1984
Xuanhuaceratops Zhao X., Cheng Z., Xu X. & Makovicky, 2006
Xuanhuasaurus Zhao X. (as Chao S.), 1985 [nomen nudum –> Xuanhuaceratops]
Xuwulong You, Li D. Q. & Liu W., 2011
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Yaleosaurus von Huene, 1932 [JSS –> Anchisaurus]
Yamaceratops Makovicky & Norell, 2006
Yandusaurus He X., 1979
Yangchuanosaurus Dong, Zhang Y. H. (as Chang Y.), Li X. M. & Zhou S., 1978
Yaverlandia Galton, 1971
Yehuecauhceratops Rivera-Sylva, Frey, Stinnesbeck, Guzmán-Gutiérrez & González-González, 2017
Yezosaurus Obata & Muramoto vide Muramoto, 1977* [nomen nudum; PSS –> Moanasaurus (mosasaur)]
Yi Xu X., Zheng X., C. Sullivan, Wang X. L., Xing L., Wang Y., Zhang X. M., J. K. O’Connor, Zhang F. & Pan Y., 2015
Yibinosaurus Ouyang, 2001
Yimenosaurus Bai vide Bai, Yang J. & Wang G. H., 1990
Yingshanosaurus Zhou S., 1994

Yinlong Xu X., Forster, J. Clark & Mo, 2006
Yixianosaurus Xu X. & Wang X. L., 2003 [possible bird]
Yizhousaurus Zhang Q., You H., Wang T. & Chatterjee, 2018
Yongjinglong Li L., Li D. Q., You & Dodson, 2014
Yuanmousaurus Lü, Li S., Ji Q., Wang G. F., Zhang J. H. & Dong, 2006
Yubasaurus He X., 1975? [nomen nudum? –> Yandusaurus]
Yueosaurus Zheng W., Jin X., Shibata, Azuma & Yu F., 2011
Yulong Lü, P. Currie, Xu L., Zhang X. L., Pu & Jia S., 2013
Yunganglong Wang R., You, Xu S., Wang S. Z., Yi, Xie, Jia L. & Li Y. X., 2013 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Yunmenglong Lü, Xu L., Pu, Zhang X. L., Zhang Y. Y., Jia S., Chang H., Zhang J. M. & Wei, 2013
Yunnanosaurus Yang Z. J. (as Young C. C.), 1942
Yunxianosaurus Li Z. Q., 2001 [nomen nudum]
Yurgovuchia Senter, Kirkland, DeBlieux, S. K. Madsen & Toth, 2012
Yutyrannus Xu X., Wang K., Zhang K., Ma, Xing L., C. Sullivan, Hu D., Cheng S. & Wang S., 2012
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Zalmoxes Weishampel, Jianu, Csiki & Norman, 2003
Zanabazar Norell, Makovicky, Bever, Balanoff, J. Clark, Barsbold & Rowe, 2009
Zanclodon Plieninger, 1846* [nomen dubium; non-dinosaurian archosaur]
Zapalasaurus Salgado, de Souza Carvalho (as I. S. Carvalho) & Garrido, 2006
Zapsalis Cope, 1876
Zaraapelta Arbour, P. Currie & Badamgarav, 2014
Zatomus Cope, 1871* [nomen dubium; non-dinosaurian archosaur]
Zby Mateus, Mannion & Upchurch, 2014
Zephyrosaurus Sues, 1980
Zhanghenglong Xing H., Wang D., Han F., C. Sullivan, Ma, He Y., Hone, Yan, Du F. & Xu X., 2014 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Zhejiangosaurus Lü, Jin X., Sheng, Li Y. H., Wang G. P. & Azuma, 2007 [nomen dubium]
Zhenyuanlong Lü & Brusatte, 2015
Zhongjianosaurus Xu X. & Qin, 2017
Zhongornis Gao C., Chiappe, Meng, J. K. O’Connor, Wang X. R., Cheng X. & Liu J. Y., 2008
Zhongyuansaurus Xu L., Lü, Zhang X. L., Jia S., Hu W., Zhang J. M., Wu Y. & Ji Q., 2007 [PSS –> Gobisaurus]
Zhuchengceratops Xu X., Wang K., Zhao X., C. Sullivan & Chen S., 2010
Zhuchengosaurus Zhao X., Li D. J., Han G., Zhao H., Liu F., Li L. & Fang X., 2007 [PSS –> Shantungosaurus]
Zhuchengtitan Mo, Wang K., Chen S., Wang P. & Xu X., 2017
Zhuchengtyrannus Hone, Wang K., C. Sullivan, Zhao X., Chen S., Li D., Ji S., Ji Q.& Xu X., 2011
Ziapelta Arbour, Burns, R. Sullivan, S. Lucas, Cantrell, Fry & Suazo, 2014
Zigongosaurus Hou, Chao & Chu S., 1976 [JSS –> Mamenchisaurus]
Zizhongosaurus Dong, Zhou S. & Zhang Y. H., 1983
Zuniceratops Wolfe & Kirkland, 1998
Zuolong Choiniere, J. Clark, Forster & Xu X., 2010
Zuoyunlong Wang R., You, Wang S. Z., Xu S., Yi, Xie, Jia L. & Xing H., 2015 [electronic publication but here considered valid]
Zupaysaurus Arcucci & Coria, 2003
Zuul Arbour & Evans, 2017
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